New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Axiom”

Oooh, a brand new Dave Kinsey art print is on the way.  “Axiom” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 145.  This is definitely a style change for Kinsey (as far as prints go, anyway), so it will be interesting to see how this one does.  These drop sometime tomorrow (Wednesday, January 7th) at

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  1. ……ehh, not impressed, not hating, but not impressed, maybe i dont know the back story or something lol

  2. jao,

    this image is from his holy sh*t show at Lazarides last year. he did a series of jesus images like this one, i believe about 30 of them. here are a bunch of others:

    and here’s the press release from that show which gives you a little insight to why he did all the religious images and why the name of the show has a double meaning:

  3. yeah……i would like to know more about this print……not at all my style but i am curious…..

  4. I think the change in style is cool.
    Hecox has been slagged in most forums and prints stopped selling due to a number of factors, one being that the style is to day to day.

    Looking up Axiom (title of print) it says

    An “axiom”, in classical terminology, referred to a self-evident assumption common to many branches of science. A good example would be the assertion that…

    When an equal amount is taken from equals, an equal amount results.

    It also has a Greek meaning (I have a Greek wife) meaning the worthy one – This could maybe be more applicable as it does have a christ feel or a middle eastern feel.

    Thoughts ?

  5. napping

  6. It’s controversial because it depicts Jesus as a terrorist

  7. Could be a statement about the current situation in Gaza. Some view Israel’s retaliation as terrorism, while many feel they are justified in their actions.

  8. sacha,

    the reason it has a christ “feel” is because it’s a picture of jesus. read my first post and look at the other versions at that flickr link

  9. admin,

    what’s the deal with my first post still saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”? i was giving the back story on the image to jao. please take it out of moderation.


  10. pass

  11. Fee, it does that when there are links in the comments (I think). Since I am not in front of the computer 24 hours a day, it was delayed just a bit since I had to approve it manually. Sorry about that, its all automated.

  12. thanks. that’s what i figured happened. i posted it this morning and noticed that it was sitting in moderation all day.

  13. moderation paranoia. ouch!

    big fan of kinsey but a great deal of that has to do with his superior draftsmanship.

    that is really lacking here for me.
    it’s great to see him trying new things. maybe i expect too much

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