Second Chance at Daniel Danger Art Prints

If you missed Daniel Danger’s new art prints the other night, here is your second chance.  You can score both the “i am a rabbit out of room” diptych and “everything still exists…” at the exact same prices Daniel offered them for right now at

Also, I know a few people asked for updates on David Choe’s “Choegal” figure.  It is indeed 8″ tall, I verified that myself.  They should be showing up at alot of toy stores soon, and are now up at

3 Responses to “Second Chance at Daniel Danger Art Prints”

  1. Mitch, you just made my Merry Christmas even merrier! Finally snagged myself an “everything still exists…” print. Thanks! 🙂

  2. He also had two copies of the “Im In Love For The First Time (Don’t Let Me Down)” Obama Art Print by Jon Smith. Seeing as I just got the 1st one, there should be one left and they’re at the same price they were originally sold for. There are only 12 made.

  3. Durn, too late! =(

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