Salt Lake Temple Letterpress Art Print by Cameron Moll

Whether you are Mormon or not, this is a truly impressive piece of typographical work.  Cameron Moll’s art print of the Salt Lake Temple was painstakingly created character by character using letters from a few different font families over the course of about 100 hours.  The final product is a 16″ x 24″ letterpress print.  The total edition is 150, spread between signed copies for $100 and unsigned copies for $75.  Visit Veer to see more photos.  To purchase, hit up

18 Responses to “Salt Lake Temple Letterpress Art Print by Cameron Moll”

  1. Holy smokes.

  2. very very impressed

  3. yes, yes, yes. effing skill.

  4. Hallelujah

  5. That is some crazy assed use of type. I love it.

  6. Anybody grab the “Design Review’ version?

  7. Nevermind, just saw the January date was from 2008… I’m sure those have been gone for awhile now.

  8. Never thought I’d be able to hook up my LDS parents with a poster, nice! Big props too for the free upgraded shipping. This will be a great gift.

  9. pretty cool, but too expensive for me

  10. Holy smokes is right. A lotta patience and a ton of skill. Or, a lotta skill and a ton of patience? Either way it’s pretty amazing.

  11. Pretty cool but I wouldn’t be caught dead with that image on my wall.

  12. Posts that are derogatory to Mormons have been and will be deleted. I don’t feel like dealing with the shitstorm.

  13. I don’t care. The Mormons are bigots. Mitch you should not allow this to be posted. Our art family have lots of gay friends and you are allowed to stand up to bigots who fund hate. I personally ask you to remove this.

  14. Well, it’s not like this print was released by the church of LDS or anything, it’s just some dude’s design of the temple. Just because I may or may not believe in something doesn’t mean I will not cover it. Art is art, you don’t have to agree with it. I’m sure there are people that don’t like alot of the pagan/satanic imagery that floats around the “heavy music” art scene either, but they deal with it. Nothing to get worked up about.

  15. Well said, Mitch. I live in CA and was appalled by the funding for prob 8 by Salt Lake City and the LDS church(which has always been a maverick for defending marriage between one man and one woman…). That said, this is a beautiful print that does not offend me in the slightest. I am not Mormon but I will be proudly displaying this impressive piece on my wall soon!

    Chill Sacha, go work on your defense.

  16. Just amazing.

  17. Gay Californian here….I could go on for awhile about my beliefs, I mean I don’t agree with the LDS and everything they fund….but that’s not what this site is about…I think Mitch said it best.

    This is an AMAZING print, i wont be buying it but i still think its a phenomenal display of a clearly great talent.

    Do one of a non-religious building and I’m all over it!

  18. Amazing. 100 hours setting type… phew, that’s crazy.

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