Jon Smith’s “Don’t Let Me Down” Obama T-Shirt

Well, after the mass frenzy that Jon Smith’s “Don’t Let Me Down” art print on wood created, instead of just printing up a paper art print edition, he decided to make an ultra limited run of t-shirts instead.  They are printed on black American Apparel tees, signed and numbered in an edition of only 50.  The shirts are available in men’s sizes M-XL.  Also, this hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else, but the first 12 orders will receive test prints from the original wood print.  Awesome deal.  The price on these is $30, you can grab one in his new Etsy Shop.

Also, it’s worth noting that Mr. Smith has a pretty rad new Ghostland Observatory poster out.  If you’re not into the band, there are a FEW art prints available as well.  These are also in his Etsy Shop.

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  1. i would have been on this like debbie on dallas, but he only accepts paypal : (

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