Jeff Soto At Riverside Art Museum (Pictures)

Jeff Soto’s new show “Turning In Circles” opened the other night at the Riverside Art Museum, and Arrested Motion was there to document the action.  I am totally in love with Soto’s progression, his art is constantly getting better.  Check out the whole writeup and tons of pictures at

9 Responses to “Jeff Soto At Riverside Art Museum (Pictures)”

  1. simply one of the best artists out there right now

  2. bummed i couldn’t afford the piece i wanted

  3. I just filled the cup

  4. Jeff absolutely rules and that show looks amazing. Hopefully we get a print or two from it.

  5. My toes hurt i’ve been standing on them so long waiting for Jeff’s Decoder Ring Design Concern Art Print. The bottom painting totally faces everything. I am going to use it as my new standard for “awesome”.

  6. In love.

  7. I can has print?

  8. I like this show. I have new appreciation for Mr. Soto’s work. Past endeavor have not really appealed to me. This, on the other hand, is impressive.

  9. Goddamn I wish I was rich.

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