Apocalypt-Ephunts Metal Figures by Amanda Visell (Onsale Info)

Thanks to Vinyl Pulse for the info.  Fully Visual is about to release a set of mini figures by Amanda Visell, available in a few different metal editions.  In every set, there are three different elephant pieces, each about 1.5″ x 2.5″, and three smaller ones.  Edition sizes and prices are as follows:  Silver (limited to 60) for $99, Copper (limited to 40) for $130, and Gold (limited to 20) for $160.  Amanda will also have her own Black Nickel version to be released at another date.  This goes down today (Monday, November 24) at 11am PST (approximately).  Visit FullyVisual.com.

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  1. Now THESE look cool.

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