Faile Studio Visit

The fine folks at Fecal Face were lucky enough to get a supertour through Faile’s awe-inspiring studio space.  The resulting post is a massively revealing and inspiring experience, complete with what seems like a million photos.  Check it out at

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  1. That was mind blowing !

    I never knew (and how can you with a low res quick shot) that each piece is painted by hand, rips and all – I thought it was layered up and images were pasted.

    I also didnt fathom that the pray wheels would be solid hard wood – They look like they are an Asian import and then painted – If this is the case then the complexity of designing the pieces and getting the details across and competed are awesome.

    Did you see the large Andrey in the background, they have a very very early Shep framed up.

    This is Moma work, this is Lichenstien quality and I have a feeling that my new goal will be to work hard and buy a canvas.

    I am actually dumbstruck with the level of work and talent involved and woefully under estimated the complexity and skill.


  2. Holly Crap!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic post. I need to get something from these guys stat.

  4. Some truly great work.

  5. this is truly the kind of work that deserves the attention, unfortunately it’s becoming almost impossible to find any of their stuff at a reasonable price

  6. Thanks for linking this up! I was looking at this a few days ago and forgot all about it. So much kick-ass work.

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