Ten Questions With Status Serigraph

It’s been awhile since the last Ten Questions session, but they’ll be coming back stronger than ever.  I got Justin Helton, aka Status Serigraph, to sit down and talk with me.  He’s a great dude that makes some pretty rockin’ posters.  Enjoy!!

Age: 27

Location: Knoxville, TN

Years Doing Posters: 3rd year

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: My favorite poster that I’ve done has to be the poster Trey Anastasio’s show in Brooklyn, New York this past August. The reason being is that Phish is my all-time favorite band, and where my love of poster art seemed to stem from. As a kid going to shows, I was always very into what posters were being made for what shows, who did them, how they were made etc. When it came time to get into college and figure out a path to go down, it only seemed right to somehow get into poster art since I loved it so much. Trey’s print is special because he is my favorite musician, and it was incredible for me that the band actually sought me out to do a poster for them. The band wanted to use the idea of TAB cola. I took that starting point and made a composition involving the icon of trey’s guitar along with elements of the TAB cola look. For this one, the French razzleberry pop-tone seemed to fit perfectly. All of this along with the reunions Phish shows just being announced has been a whirlwind of excitement for me. I hope to try and do a Phish poster at some point.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: Waaay too many to decide, but a few that come to mind are…
Delicious: Acid Mothers Temple
A Horkey: Fantomas
Sasha Barr: Jeff Tweedy

Music Currently In Rotation: Phish: Live in Brooklyn, Count Bass D: L7, TV on the Radio:Dear Science.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: Nate Duval Andrew Bird Art print of the Birdhouse…..This one is just amazing. Nate and Jen have been putting out some nice work together, but this one takes the cake. I have been aware of Nate’s work for a little while now, we even collaborated on a Moe. poster a few years back, he’s a great guy and such a talent.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: The previously spoke of Duval print, Jay Ryan – Chunklet 13th Anniversarry poster, as well as some various Print Mafia, Yee-Haw Industries, Cernoch, DWITT, and prints of my own.

Upcoming Stuff: Well it being the end of the year, I may actually take some time off of posters for a sec…trying to recharge for next year. I just completed in this month: 2 Trey Anastasio posters and a hoodie design, as well as a entire tour series with my good Friend Andrew Findley for the Avett Brothers (http://avettbrothersposters.bigcartel.com) , and a poster for TV on the Radio. A few friends have been asking me to help them with various album packaging and t-shirt designs so that may be in the mix. As well as a Holiday run poster for the North Mississippi All-Stars and Greg Allman.

Words of Wisdom: First and foremost remember that family comes first. But just get out and work…the best thing you can do is to work your hardest at what you love. Give people quality work, when they need it, and at a fair price and you will see people come back. Always go see live music, its what keeps me going!

To see more of Justin’s work, visit StatusSerigraph.com.

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  1. thanks, justin! that’s really nice of you.

  2. Great interview. Look forward to Justin’s future work.

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