Emek’s Sigur Ros Poster (Onsale Info)

Emek is gearing up to sell his insane Sigur Ros Red Rocks concert poster.  This beast is a 19″ x 32.5″ screenprint with fourteen colors.  The price will be $85.  The madness starts Saturday, November 8 at 10am PST.  Visit the Store/Info section at Emek.net.

9 Responses to “Emek’s Sigur Ros Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. The first EMEK I’ve ever wanted.

  2. Does Emek’s store use a cart system? Or is it, get your order and payment in as quickly as possible?

  3. $85? wow.

  4. wow. sold out in a nano-second…that sucks.

  5. From Emek.net: The first several people to identify the type of jellyfish (common name or genus & species ok) in the poster get another try; send your answers to order@emek.net (put answer in subject line).

  6. Whats the anser?

  7. Think i got the species, hoping…

  8. my guess was a sea nettle.

  9. Did they ever announce the winner? Space jelly fish?

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