MSU Notstock Photos

Minot State University in North Dakota hosted “Notstock” this weekend, an event in which four poster artists (DWITT, Amy Jo, Dan from Aesthetic Apparatus, and Punchgut) screenprinted on site, sold prints, and talked to students about the poster art world.  A bunch of photos are online, as well as some links to local news coverage (print and video).  Check it out at

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  1. That vote pretty is pretty sweet, any info if you can purchase that anywhere

  2. Dan Ibarra gave the Obama poster away for free (as long as those taking one would hang it…and vote). I believe they are all gone.

  3. contact dan ibarra at aesthetic apparatus. he might have a few.
    PH: 612.339.3345

  4. The prints made by Amy Jo, DWITT, and the collab by DWITT and Punchgut will be available soon. Email me if you are interested (

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