New Marq Spusta Widespread Panic Poster

Marq Spusta, one of the hottest new names in concert posters, just dropped a new Widespread Panic concert poster.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of only 40, and is $75.  As usual, Marq will be throwing bonus variants in a few random tubes.  You can pick one up at

New Obey Art Print: Johnny Ramone

Wow, now THIS is an Obey release I can get behind.  After doing a couple of event posters in the last couple of weeks, Shepard Fairey is set to drop this bomb of a release sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, October 28).  “Johnny Ramone” will likely be an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, have an edition of 450, […]

Free Derek Hess Obama Print With Book Purchase

If you purchase Derek Hess and Kent Smith’s new book, “Please God Save Us”, anytime between now and the presidential election, you will receive a free signed copy of Hess’ Obama-inspired print, “Change”.  The book features Kent Smith ranting about the problems with right wing politics, while Hess provides the illustrations.  It is a 112 […]

“The 80th Victory” Art Print by Jorge Ortiz

Not only does Spanish artist Jorge Ortiz take the best process pictures in the business, he also constantly outdoes himself in the department of quality.  “The 80th Victory”, based on the WW1 German pilot The Red Baron, is a hand-pulled 5.75″ x 5.75″ six color screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $16 (or […]

“Mona” Art Print by Dave Pitman at Artist A Day

Our Newest Sponsor, Artist A Day, a site that (you guessed it) features a different artist profile each day, just released their first exclusive art print.  “Mona” by NC artist Dave Pitman is an 18″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 250, and is $125.  Check out the print, and keep an eye on […]

Joe Ledbetter’s “Hunters and Gatherers” Show

Joe Ledbetter was cool enough to post the preview for his newest show, “Hunters and Gatherers” at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs.  The show is looking very cool, with some different imagery than he normally uses.  If you can afford one, these paintings are well worthy of being on any wall.  Check the show […]

News From Drew Millward

Drew Millward just checked in with me, and he let me know that he has a number of new commercial products floating around.  First up is a deck for Kapitol Skateboards that will drop sometime in December.  Secondly, Drew has designed a whole batch of new shirts for the UK boutique clothing brand Paint The […]

Invader Street Art Video (Part One)

Jetset Graffiti continues to produce cool videos about street art, including this new one featuring Invader.  In the clip, the man himself explains his style of art, how he produces it, and how he spreads the invasion in cities across the globe.  There will be a second part coming soon, I’ll post it when it’s […]

“Fo Sho” Fourth Year Poster Show at Arizona State University

For the second straight year, the fourth year students in Arizona State University’s Visual Communication Design program have curated a gallery show that consists of posters from designers all over the world.  Over 70 artists including Tara McPherson, Aaron Horkey, Daniel Danger, Jay Ryan, etc etc etc will have work in the show.  The opening […]

New Art Prints by Leia Bell

Leia Bell just dropped a bundle of new art prints.  They include an Obama print, an art print based on “The Princess Bride”, and a couple other things.  I have listed all the pertinent info below.  Visit “Barack” 12″ x 17″ Screenprint, Edition of 120, $20: “This Is The Place” 13.5″ x 12.5″ Screenprint, […]

RSS Issues

If you subscribe to the RSS feed here, and your reader had trouble updating overnight, you may need to re-subscribe.  It appears that when Google took over Feedburner and migrated us over, it may have made the old Feedburner feed obsolete.  So yeah, just re-click the RSS logo on the right side of the site, […]

“The States” Art Print Series by Frank Chimero

Graphic designer Frank Chimero is in the process of creating a super clever set of art prints, one for each of our country’s states.  The first 15 are up now, with more to come.  They are 8″ x 8″ giclees, come signed, and are each only $15.  Check them out at Louisiana Illinois Texas

Sasha Barr Is Having A Sale!

Another one of my favorite underrated artists, Sasha Barr, is having a big sale on about everything in his online store.  He has a ton of shirts, posters, and art prints for sale, most of them for only $5-$12.  Check everything out at

“Lush” Art Print by Leslie Ditto

Metro Orange Art just released this new piece by Leslie Ditto.  “Lush” is a 24″ x 36″ giclee on canvas, has an edition of only 30, is hand-embellished, and costs $200.  You can pick one up at

New Michael Hussar Art Print: “Cherry Pie”

I can’t say that I’m the hugest Hussar fan ever, but I’ve had numerous requests to cover the new print, so here goes.  “Cherry Pie” is 12″ x 15″, has an edition of 88, and is $350.  You can preorder one now at