Barack Obama “Vote” Poster by Shepard Fairey

Well, the time has come, the new Shepard Fairey designed Obama print is now up for sale.  “Vote” is a 26″ x 40″ offset, has an edition of 5000, and is $70.  I’m willing to bet these go pretty fast, so get on it.  Visit

EDIT:  Thanks to Arrested Motion for the info, use promo code “25OFF” for 25% off your order.

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  1. Got em!

  2. coupon code: 25OFF gives you 25% off

  3. Brad,

    These are contribution funds you are taking away from the Obama campaign. What is your agenda…Ha.

    Good find my man.

  4. So what happens to extra campaign funds once the race is over with?

  5. dang it!

  6. YO, thanks for the coupon code!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shapps,
    they’ll pay all of their outstanding bills. They’ll continue to roll in once the campaign is over.

  8. I should round out the collection, but man, I’m broke. Wife just might kill me if I do this.

  9. I can’t help but to be curious on your thoughts about all this Obama art work we are purchasing if this candidate does NOT win? This will literally make these pieces worthless.

    Let me know what ya’ll think =)

  10. Certainly won’t be worthless. It’s still a pretty iconic piece of political memorabilia by one of the bigger artists of our generation.

  11. If he does not win, what was the point of any of his campaign? He wasted all that time for nothing.

  12. Admin – I agree with you in the sense that YES Shepard is very important to the sub-culture/design/contemporary scene. And Obama will always be some-what of an icon for obvious reasons. But I feel that if he doesn’t win, people will lose all hope and simply not care. Not to mention that the market will get saturated with all the prints that have been poppin up lately.

    Meatloaf – He is running a campaign with the intention of winning. Can’t blame the man for trying.

  13. I really wonder what the value will be after the race is over regardless if he wins or not. I think the prices on ebay for all the obama stuff is going to start dropping soon win or loose

  14. if obama loses, i see riots in streets in most major cities.

  15. OMG, they have already sold over 3000 of these. WOW

  16. ObamaMania is definitely driving prices up like crazy, but you gotta think, 1st African American president . . . that’s pretty significant. It’s also coming from a renowned artist who made a ton of anti-government type propaganda art. Really a complete 180 for him. I know I’ll be keeping mine for a long, long while . . .

  17. remember when he made those posters with Andre the Giant on them? That was funny!

  18. totally! that was so weird!

  19. might not be worth a lot after the election win or lose but down the line they are going to be worth a lot more.

    Like Rev. ToneZone i would keep it for a long time.

  20. less than 1400 left. Wow this is super fast!

  21. I still see it showing 4750 left. where do see the number of how many left?

  22. I’ve been following closely, and given the state numbers, and early voting numbers, chances are good Obama will win. The national polls are somewhat useless at this stage. But everyone needs to vote, if it’s going to happen. I already voted, am am volunteering on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

  23. nothing new man, we know its close… too close if you ask me! Everyone is saying Obama is going to win, but have any of you considered what will happen if he doesn’t?

    I live in mid-city LA, if anyone will have to deal with any kind of commotion, its going to be us.

  24. Try adding all of them to your cart. The system will tell you how many are left. At this point, it is less than 1000!

  25. Why would there be trouble in LA? The Dems always take CA

  26. 685 Left…

    You know for the timeline :)

  27. He means if he doesn’t win, there will be riots in L.A. at the Slausaon swap meet son

  28. Managed to pop in late as usual and read these comments and managed to snag one !!!


    Re Obama and his lead – wait until election day, people saaaayyy they will vote but when in the booth will they ?

    I bloody hope so.

  29. And………GONE

  30. I’m thinking I should get one more for a spare

  31. These wont be worth anything

  32. HA!

  33. Sacha, please figure out what was wrong with your post, reword it, and repost. I’ll give you a hint, it was in the first paragraph.

  34. If Obama loses fair and square, there will NOT be riots. Relax.

  35. Man, that’s insane. 4,750 moved in one afternoon. Even with all the discount codes, that’s gotta be over $300k. Nice work.

  36. At this point Obama can’t lose fair and square . . . if he loses now it will definitely be unfair and round.

  37. how many on the bay? like 4000, hah!

  38. Unfair and ROUND? LOL.

  39. Do you think Nader will steal Obama’s votes?

  40. if obama wins i can predict we will see massive celebrations all over the world on Wednesday and if he doesn’t become our 44th president I think we will see massive riots

  41. If Obama doesn’t win, I will buy a bottle and drink it alone, in a corner. If he wins, I will do the same, but with company. 😀

  42. ^^^^ yes … i can’t wait to celebrate

  43. steal obama’s votes. what! barack doesn’t own any votes, if he wants Nadar supporters to vote for him then he should appeal to them.

  44. So These guys can sell 5000 posters with no glitch and Obey cant sell 450 without a meltdown – I hope Mr Fairey takes note of this and sacks his I.T guy and hires the person who looks after these servers.

  45. Do you think he would fire his wife?

  46. Its called a Divorce – 60% of all couples manage it, evn without server issues.

    Have you seen ebay ? The worlds gone Shepard Fairey Mad – This piece is going for $200 and selling for that !!!!!

    I have just put up for sale like 15 of his pieces on Ebay, its time to dump a load of prints on the back of this hike and run with the cash – I hope to make enough to buy a Banksy print or a Hirst…….

    I am not selling this print – I reckon lets wait until he is in, then he goes for re election in 4 years time and see if he’s as popular.

  47. holy shit there are like a thousand on ebay. tards! gah what a bunch of lame-o’s.

  48. I just don’t think he’ll get a divorce from his wife because she can’t manage to improve the servers on his internet store

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