“Voz Unida” Obama Print by Rafael Lopez

Here’s a pretty cool new official Barack Obama print by Rafael Lopez, titled “Voz Unida”.  It’s a 26″ x 40″ offset, has an edition of 1000, and is $60.  Check it out at BarackObama.com.

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  1. Super Dopeness. I like the Revoloucian vibe.

  2. These are selling fast 298 left

  3. actuals looks like 630 left, so a strong showing! word up

  4. only 60 left

  5. 17 left!

  6. I just picked one up. Didn’t expect them to sell so quickly.

  7. says it’s out of stock wow that was fast

  8. for those who missed and love the print rather than the flip value, head over to Merch Lackey where you can buy an alternative version.
    heck. you may want both.

  9. […] you missed the “Voz Unida” Obama print by Rafael Lopez, here’s an opportunity to get an even fancier version.  […]

  10. The ACTUAL physical dimensions of the poster are:
    Just in case people are expecting a 28″x40″, which was the size listed on the original website.
    I measured mine about 4 times to get an appropriate frame.
    It’s a beautiful poster. My only gripe is….Couldn’t they just make it 24″x36″? Or at least 24″x35″? Next frame size up if you don’t have the money for a custom frame (because it was spent to buying the poster) is 27″x40″.

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