New Obey Art Print: Day Of The Dead (Onsale Info)

Wow, this is great.  The newest Obey art print, “Day of the Dead”, is actually by the Obey / Studio Number One employee Ernesto Yerena.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and will be $45.  It will be signed by both Yerena and Shepard Fairey.  This one is set to drop sometime during Saturday, November 1st.  Keep your eyes on

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  1. looks great.. i’m on it!

  2. Looks like those painted skulls down on Venice Beach – 1 cool print

  3. hahaha, now we can waste a saturday waiting around to get a twenty-minute hosing by the Obey server. fantastic!

  4. dammit why a saturday!?

  5. I wont try for this – Not on a Saturday with kids who deserve to be at the park. Shame

  6. . . . Maybe because Saturday is Day 1 of Dia Del Los Muertos? Maybe.

  7. Sorry guys but it is going to be on saturday because it is the first of the two Dia’s De los Muertos. it is actually El Dia de Los Angelitos that means the day to mourn in this case celebrate in a mocking sense children and babies who died. Sounds kind of bazaar but thats what it is. good luck guys. have a good weekend.

  8. Ernesto, thanks for stopping by. Don’t worry so much, you can’t please everyone. Saturday works fine for me.

  9. Can we preorder this if we already know we want to buy one?



  12. I’ll just shoot Shepard and Amanda a call and have them set one aside for me. They are very understanding. Just let me know if anyone needs their cell phone number(s).

  13. lol svelterambis

  14. When is this thing going to drop ?

  15. This thing is never going to go up…

  16. They must be having server issue’s

  17. I am thinking they will wait until tonight as its day of the dead……. come on !

  18. Maybe they forgot to sell it.

  19. check on the hr and 1/2 hr and report here if its a go.

  20. the site is running mighty slow…

  21. Its Up

  22. same ole server crap

  23. Hrmm Got stuck on “Your order is being placed…” and a bunch of SQL errors. I wonder if it went through =(

  24. Got a confirmation email, good luck to the rest of you!

  25. why wont his stupid site ever let me checkout?

  26. maybe i need a p.c.

  27. Well its not just you. I haven’t been able to get past the checkout for the last 6-7 releases.

  28. damn, i thought this would be a different story due to the weekend.. still can’t get through..

  29. Sold Out :( got to “your order is being placed…” twice then it goes to OOS message.

  30. me neither.
    miraculous thing just happened though.
    didn’t get any further with checkout BUT got a confirmation email. :)

  31. some ass just flipped it already.
    i’ll trade mine for one of these:

  32. The thing isnt OOS, I got that error message and it processed after that. Whats weird is I got the confirmation email after getting some “error/access denied/error in payment” url in my browser

  33. Lord – Get to paypal and crash…..

    Its actually pretty sad they cant sort this, its not a case where it cant be sorted as look at Ebay, Look at 5000 Obama prints being sold, look at Glastonbury where there are 120,000 sold online….. This is 450 prints

    Makes me want to by from ebay and pay the flippers – Sheps servers perpetuate the whole ebay mkt.

  34. true indeed sacha.

  35. I’ve been trying to figure out the trick… no luck.

  36. All gone :(
    Helllllooo Ebay my friend.

  37. Job – Position – WANTED –

    Super Computer Guru who specializes in Online Merchant Sales

    Hollywood / L.A. / Eagle Rock Area

    Salary: Whatever it takes

    Start Date: 8:00 p.m. PST, November 1st, 2008

    Perks: Shootin’ the shit with Shepart in the Studio

  38. I mean Shepard….hey c’mon….I’m already drinking to ease the misery…..

  39. The worst thing is when you find yourself turning to ebay only to discover there are at least 7 of these there already! These people have no shame.

    I am based in Australia so with the price of shipping, it would be bad business sense to flip. Not only that… but 12pm is about 5am here so lets just say I got to put in a lot of extra hours.
    I’m glad I got one today but the previous dozen or so times I ended up thrown out of the system… I was ready to kill something… anything…

    It’s worth persisting. Sure Shep needs to upgrade… that is obvious and with the feedback on forums, we just may see that happen.

  40. The people who sell on eBay obviously do it to make profit. Why not? I do appreciate Shepard’s artwork, but I am a college student. If funds start running low, flipping these prints on eBay will pay for some of the food/gas bills I run monthly. I know a few other eBay flippers who do it as a business, where they have 3-4 paypal accounts and use multiple browsers to get multiple prints. I say at most 50 of Shepard’s prints make it up on eBay per run, the rest of them are kept by the collectors.

  41. I also buy to keep but buy to flip as well. I dont like all his stuff but know I can turn a profit on each piece enabling me to move into stuff normally out of my reach. Same same with everyone who buys it – everyone !

  42. […] art print by Ernesto Yerena, you may remember him from being the one that produced the recent Obey “Dia De Los Meurtos” print.  “El Norteňo” is a 13″ x 19.75″ letterpress print, has an edition […]

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