New Obey Art Print: Johnny Ramone

Wow, now THIS is an Obey release I can get behind.  After doing a couple of event posters in the last couple of weeks, Shepard Fairey is set to drop this bomb of a release sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, October 28).  “Johnny Ramone” will likely be an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, have an edition of 450, and cost $45.  Keep your eyes on

EDIT:  Looks like there are actually two editions that will be available, the gold through ObeyGiant, the red through the Johnny Ramone online store.  Each will have an edition of 300.  More info on the red here.

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  1. The cinderblock store says “sold out” on the image, but lets you check out as “backordered”

  2. Why does the obey site lag around and freeze up for every release?

    300 times 45 each = better god dame server ass wipes!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. if the server didn’t slow down like this the print would be gone in 1 second. there’s no solution.

    p.s. its gone now.

  4. I don’t get it ether. 300 prints @ $45 = $13,500 (minus the cost of goods)… why in the hell can he pay for a decent webstore?!

    still cant get through.

  5. I wanted this print to put in my living room. Like the last 3 times I tried to buy an obey print, the website crashed. Just fix the goddamn servers, you cheap bastard! If it sold out in 1 minute that would be better than waiting here for 2 hours, only to have the order not complete. Shepard Fairley you cheap bastard, fix your servers!

  6. yeah schwag websites brah. this bs with the stuff going up the night before is also kinda funny. arts + internets = tardfests

  7. well they did charge the credit card so hopefully we get the red. still processing though. no luck with the gold. server is ridiculous

  8. They should sell it on ebay. Huck sold 80 prints in 36 seconds and no sign of crash.

  9. ML – That’s not a bad shout – Use Ebays servers……..

  10. received a confirmation # for the red print, they charged my card $61.83, and there hasn’t been a confirmation e-mail as of 5:26 p.m. (PST) the print out receipt from the website says back-ordered in red. i guess i have at least a 50% shot at it.

  11. i’ll trade red for gold! wait no the other way around! word!

  12. Just a warning for anyone planning to by one on ebay. Fakes of Obeys’ prints have been popping up left and right as his works have increased in value.

  13. Response to t rex: If the print is fake, theres a thing called paypal buyer protection. Try reading the auction details more.

  14. just got confirmation that my red has been sent. 🙂

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