Free Derek Hess Obama Print With Book Purchase

If you purchase Derek Hess and Kent Smith’s new book, “Please God Save Us”, anytime between now and the presidential election, you will receive a free signed copy of Hess’ Obama-inspired print, “Change”.  The book features Kent Smith ranting about the problems with right wing politics, while Hess provides the illustrations.  It is a 112 page softcover, available in two packages.  You can purchase the book alone for $25, or buy a package that includes the book and “Thrown”, a 17.5″ x 28″ offset limited to 300 pieces, for $60.  Either purchase will get you the Obama print free.  For more info, visit

2 Responses to “Free Derek Hess Obama Print With Book Purchase”

  1. At first this read to me that Obama was producing posters in support of Derek Hess’ opression by some unknown force.


  2. It says “poster” on his website. I wonder which it is? Looks like a great print, and I may just get it either way.

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