Ten Questions With Delicious Design League

You’re probably wondering, “Jeez, how many great poster artists are there from Chicago?”  Well, there are lots, and here’s an interview with two of my absolute favorites.  Ladies and gentlemen, Delicious Design League.

Age: Jason:32 Billy:31

Location: Chicago

Years Doing Posters: (Billy): I started designing screen-printed posters for my old band at the beginning of 2003 with our first show and then I started printing my own designs about 6 months later. I learned how to print from the “Godfather of Chicago Screen-printing” Steve Walters, aka Screwball Press. I was receiving some positive feedback for the posters I had done for my band so I started doing posters for other peoples’ bands and that’s how it all began.  A few years later Jason, (whom I had been friends with since the 90’s), decided he was done with retail management and joined up with me to make a proper “Design Company” or whatever you want to call it. That was the in beginning on 2006 and since then he’s learned how to screen-print from Steve Walters, just like I did, and now he handles almost all the printing while I handle the design aspects of the business. I guess that make 5 years, to answer your question.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done:

(Jason) yet to be done…

(Billy) Jason must really think we stink – oh well. I do like the Acid Mother’s Temple poster we did in 2006 a lot, not just because I actually really like that band, but because that poster was done soon after our first trip to Flatstock in Austin and at that time I realized I needed to step up our game and start doing much better work.  So, to me that poster signifies our first step into doing better work.  That being said, like Jason, I do think our best work is still to come – at least I hope it is.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did:

(Jason) I can’t really say that I have a single favorite. I really enjoy mid century Polish film posters and Czech. Revolutionary posters.

(Billy) It’s impossible to narrow down but I think the posters that I own from my friends are the ones I cherish the most. Here’s a list of a few of them:

  • Acid Mother’s Temple by Burlesque of North America:

  • Black Moth Super Rainbow by Iskra:

  • The Go Team by Aesthetic Apparatus:

  • Doug Martsch by Jay Ryan:

  • Isis Jesu by Sonnenzimmer:

  • Joseph Arthur by Hero Design Studio:

Well, that’s a very short list and this could get out-of-hand so I better stop now.

Music Currently In Rotation:

(Jason) Franco Battiato and the local classical station (kinda new for me, since I grew up listening to post punk, ska, and mod revival.

(Billy) I used to have to listen to music while I worked but now I listen way more podcasts. If I am listening to music it could be anything from Gospel Blues to Krautrock to Noise.  Right now I’m listening to ELO (The Move is probably my favorite band from the ’60s” – and if you don’t know what that has to do with ELO Google it.)

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought:

(Jason) We typically trade for posters at Flatstock and such, so I don’t really buy many posters. My recent favorite trade was by Landland from Minneapolis.

(Billy) The last toy I bought was a suction cup blow dart gun (darts included). It’s good for playing with the cats when you’re too lazy to move a shoelace around on the floor.

Art Hanging On Your Walls:

(Jason) None right now, my wife and I are rehabbing our house at the moment.

(Billy) Too much to name them all. A sampling: A screen printed 1930’s carnival sign, Seripop Posters, 1968 Merrimeko fabric, Sister Corrita Prints, Nick Butcher Painting, 1960’s Spiderman Boardgame, Bob Peak Record Covers and lots and lots of Clocks.

Upcoming Stuff: We’re going to be working on a bunch of illustrations for Mozilla’s Thunderbird2 website – that should take up a large chunk of our time in the coming weeks. As far as posters go we will be working on a Day of the Dead poster for the Chicago Cultural Center.

Words of Wisdom:

(Billy) Always remember you shit does stink and you should always work to improve your skill level, do more, and be better tomorrow than you are today – that’s my mantra.

If it’s the only thing you do today, go check out more work by these guys at DeliciousDesignLeague.com.

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  1. some of the best fellows. i have a couple of their prints up on me walls. always up for a rousing game of croquet as well.

  2. Such nice young fellas.

  3. Wow – never heard of them and love there stuff – I will investigate further.

  4. Weird. I sure didn’t see any Body Rock here.

  5. Mr. Administrator, you accidentally spelled Design worng

  6. Mr. meatloaf, you accidentally spelled wrong wrong. 😉

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