New Tara McPherson Art Prints

Tara McPherson is all about making sure people can get her art on their wall, regardless of their budget.  She just produced 12 new single-color lineart screenprints.  They are based on some of her most famous images, and are very affordable.  They’re all around 17″ x 23″, have editions of 100, and are $25 each.  Check them all out at

7 Responses to “New Tara McPherson Art Prints”

  1. Are you listening Mr. Horkey?

  2. Sorry, why should Horkey be listening?

    Did you want Horkey to make art prints? His stuff is already pretty cheap as is.

  3. yeah totally. all of tara’s stuff has been recently way jacked up on her site, most prints had about a $100 price increase over the past few months and everything says “only a few left!”. sucks. i like these and it’s cool they’re around, but i would much prefer to pay 100 buck for the real giclee stuff instead of 25 for this. it;’s cool tho, but whoever is her finance peep is def on some ol dirty sh*t. k now everybody start hatin

  4. Horkey’s stuff is definitely cheap unless you want line art (which I do) and then you’ve got 1 choice and it’s nearly $600. 🙂

  5. Tara is overrated. I see kids in high school with better chops.

  6. im curious as to these high schoolers you know with better chops.

  7. eh who cares about chops anyways. im sure most are into mcpherson for subject, content, whatever, but not chops. pork chops are good tho

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