“The Sunset Rooftops” Art Print by Huck Gee (Onsale Info)

Wow, this thing is amazing.  Huck Gee will release the newest entry in his Gold Life art print series later today.  “The Sunset Rooftops” is a 12″ x 24″ giclee printed on 100% cotton duck canvas, has an edition of 80, and will be $80.  These WILL go fast.  The sale time is today (Friday, October 17) at noon PDT.  Visit Huck’s Ebay Store.

Click the image for a larger view (trust me, do it):

In addition to the print, Huck will also be dropping a set of custom 8″ Dunnys, the same ones depicted in the Rooftops image.  The Red Hand Gang will be an edition of 10, and will cost $650 each.  Same place and time as the print.

22 Responses to ““The Sunset Rooftops” Art Print by Huck Gee (Onsale Info)”

  1. That does look impressive.

  2. The rhino is back baby

  3. You’re right, the larger view is badass. My new baby’s room will be adorned with Gold Life art prints.

  4. I saw Kung Fu Panda too–so kick ass.

  5. Quack – what’s Duck cotton !

  6. duck cotton is basically canvas

  7. If I had to try and name this, I’d just call it Duck canvas too…


  8. That was weak

  9. Gone within 2 minutes.

  10. wow, super fast. thanks admin

  11. Not fast enough…damnit!

  12. Huck GHEE?


    Huck G?

  13. Did they go up yet? I don’t see any in his store

  14. I’m actually a bit pissed. $100…who’s got one to sell.

  15. two minutes? it was more like 36 seconds:


  16. Why did it sell out so quickly?

  17. Why wouldn’t it?

  18. finished paying, went back to look and both were GONE!!!

  19. Got the 20% cashback through live.com search AND the paypal 10% off code to stack! woot @ $24 in savings on the print, Cost about $64 shipped.

  20. I think I might have been lucky enough to get one if ebay hadn’t logged me out while I was waiting for them to go on sale, hit the buy it now button and it took me to login screen. jerks.

  21. Do you think more will pop up?

  22. […] giclee on duck canvas, has an edition of 80, and will be $80 each.  After the success of the first one, you can pretty much bet on these going FAST.  They will drop tomorrow (Friday, October 31) at […]

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