Aaron Horkey’s “Detritus (Japan Version)” Art Print (Onsale Info)

Ok, just got word about how/when the Japan “Detritus” art print by Aaron Horkey will go on sale.   For all the pertinent info on this print, see my last post about it.  These will drop tomorrow (Thursday, October 16) at 20:57 Japan time.  That translates (as far as I can tell) to 7:57am EST.  They will post a special email address on the Mega Fauna site that you will need to email.  Then you will need to provide this information:

・Your name=
・Postal Code=
・Payment method=
・Paypal account Email address=
・Special Instructions=

Again, the total price will be ¥58,000 including Japan tax, EMS shipping, and insurance.  Pretty intense ordering process, but this print is certainly worth it.  Make sure the time is right, and visit Mega-Fauna.com.

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  1. B’Jesus I can’t type ! – I meant to type …..

    “that’s an insult to sticks around the world”

  2. SACHA, what are you even doing on this site if you feel that way about the purchasing of expensive art prints? Also, spell check: make friends with it.

  3. Chunkz VI

    So your spending $580 on this print – and your not worried about the price.
    Cool. Your choice.

    I have a right to be on this site and also have a right to say I think its to expensive. I think its a valid point when the price is $580.

    Spell check is not my friend but advice taken.

  4. Admittedly expensive, but completely Horkeylicious! This is only going to be sought after by the true hardcore Horkey fans that can afford and stomach the price tag. Like with any art print, the rarer the piece, the higher the price tag. Given the low edition and the secondary market values of most of Aaron’s prints, the price is somewhat justified. I think it also has to do with the fact that Japanese goods are pretty expensive on average, especially when it comes to “imported” items. Look at the prices some of those crazy vinyl figures fetch. There is a lot of money in Japan and the young folks are willing to fork it over for a piece of popular culture. Mega Fauna has received a lot of inquiries and interest with respect to this piece, and that is going to contribute to the high price tag as well. The thing I like about this print is that it is about as close as you can get to a relatively affordable piece of Horkey line art. The simple black on white really highlights the insane detail and to hardcore Horkey fans, it is going to be worth every penny.

  5. it is a wonderful piece of art with a very subtle colouring and some great individual work on each print done by mister horkey himself.

    as for the other theme discussed here, i find it insanely amusing that someone gets offended by an artist selling 60 prints at 580 USD when gazillions of dollars are spent on war and the space program. if you pump that into the third world suffering would end within days. but nah, it is more offending that someboddy that works hard for a living gets paid for his unique work, right? 😉

  6. white guilt is amazing.

  7. Personally–I think the detail in this print is great and amazing. The image itself is pretty bland. Many other Horkey’s I find vastly more intersting than looking through a microscope at a dead bird and shrubbery.

    $580 aside, I don’t think I would buy this print for $40.

  8. cmon guys its time for a reality check LOL

  9. You gays should spend your money here…great seller too:


  10. You gays should spend your money here…great seller too:


    Biting my tongue, for the time being at least

  11. hey matt, aren’t you the matt, that’s gonna get a huge a*s tube from me soon? just wondering.


  12. Hey Bill, not sure man, what’s in it??

  13. The Steel Grey or which ever is the darkest is amazing.

    Wish I had the money to blow on this.

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