New Obey Art Print: “Peace Woman”

Gogogogogo.  Wow, what an exciting Friday afternoon.  How about an unannounced Obey print drop?  “Peace Woman” is available right now.  If it’s like the other prints recently (which I’m sure it is), it is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and is $45.  Visit

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  1. Wish we got more notice on this

  2. I love the random drops, and I bet Obey and the IT people who host their site like them too. No crazy traffic and no flippers with everyone they can find to buy. I’m tired of seeing people selling 3 OG prints on Ebay right away while having nothing. I hope the continue the random drops. Smooth and perfect for me.


  4. Your choices are:

    Have notice from Obey and battle the website for a couple of hours, only to probably miss out.


    Have no notice and actually have a chance in hell at getting one.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people complain no matter what.

  5. Very nice, wish he had kept up the detail in the shirt, sad I missed it anyway.

  6. Did someone say no flippers? There’s 7 of these up on ebay already.

  7. Nothing will ever stop flippers. To believe otherwise is just naive. This probably was scored by a few flippers with multiple paypals and they are just now putting them on ebay.

  8. I missed out on it, but totally agree random drops are the way to go.

  9. Random drops are not the way to go because flippers are at their computers all the time. Dropping them randomly just gives them more time to buy more using their multiple Paypal accounts. If you schedule the drops, it assures that they get into the hands of more people….spread out the prints instead of having one person get 5.

  10. WTF WTF

  11. I didn’t get one and also I don’t mind flippers – Leave em flippers alone.

    I intend to flip a few of my prints as and when I get bored of them, also beware of what happens to some artists when flippers are cut out of the scene….. we had the explanation by BlkMkt sometime ago on this site how they have raised he price and numbers run etc etc to try and stop flippers and now Hecox can’t even sell 200 prints !!! He’s stalled in the water. I am sure he would like it as it was before.

    I like flippers – they make the game more fun, raise the price and build some excitement – So what if I want to make some cash on my passion of prints – I bet you all would like to sell your prints with extra on top and sure most have, so in some way we all are jnr flippers.

    Have a good weekend – I am off to the TRPS show.

  12. Selling your prints after you have been bored with them is not flipping. You are not a flipper so don’t even call yourself one.

  13. I want to be one now.

    Sometimes as I day dream whilst at work – I do think you could make an OK living flipping – get the in on obey and josh keyes and you can make a few quid.

    Has anyone actually met a flipper or is it a myth and its just “us” selling to each other ?

  14. its them satan worshippers

  15. Thanks admin for the heads up (and all the work you do here).

  16. Well im an eBay flipper(yes my account has been banned, and we have had multiple accounts banned). It basically pays for college books/booze whilst we are in class just auto refreshing the page on days when he sells stuff. It honestly doesnt make alot of money, most $60 prints(after shipping costs) Sell for about $150, and after paypal/eBay fees I make maybe $60-75 off the print. Good enough for a handle of a good alcoholic beverage though =)

  17. Why would your account on Ebay be banned? I think most that would happen is the artists could ban your from future sales or not send you your poster.

    P.S. Look for my 4 up on ebay tommorow.

  18. Stephen you might be only making 60 – 75, but you are doubling the postage of the print, it has to go to you, then to the final purchaser. Instead of just Shepard Fairey getting a few dollars for the print, you are getting some(more than Shep himself), ebay is getting some and the postage company are getting some.

  19. you are def correct mitch.. you can always count on some being upset, no matter how you do it

  20. I agree with the random drop. But make it any day of the week though.

  21. Even Mondays? People hate Mondays

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