New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Emancipate”

Dave Kinsey hasn’t released a print in awhile, and this one is pretty great.  “Emancipate” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, available in two different versions.  The two color version is limited to 200 and costs $45.  The three color version is limited to only 40 and costs $100.  You can pick up either at

5 Responses to “New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Emancipate””

  1. I think I like the 2 color better.

  2. Me too Andy.

  3. I love the blue and orange but its sold out – The orange does not do it for me as much – Darn, you always want what you cant have !

  4. I love these… You should check out his paintings of the same theme:

  5. Damn, missed out on these. Will definitely need to pick up the 2 color.

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