“I am a rabbit out of room” Art Print Set by Daniel Danger

I guess today is a day of diptychs.  Here is Daniel Danger’s newest art print, and it’s a stunner.  “I am a rabbit out of room” is a 3 color letterpress print set, crafted by the ultra talented Dan Wood (he does all the Tiny Showcase letterpress prints).  You probably recognize the image from the […]

The MGMT Halloween Poster Diptych (Larger View)

After previously writing about the Brad Klausen and Burlesque Design MGMT Halloween posters separately (see below), I realized I should be writing about them together.  I had a chance to work up a larger view of the two posters as a diptych, and they really look great.  Look down the page for more info on […]

New Art Prints by Tyler Stout (Onsale Info)

Tyler Stout has been hiding under a rock lately, but I finally convinced him to come out.  He will be releasing a bunch of new art prints tomorrow.  Tyler’s stuff has been known to go pretty fast, especially at these prices, so be on time.  These will go up tomorrow (Friday, October 31st) at 12pm […]

Frank Chimero Interview at Art Culture

Art Culture just posted a cool interview with Frank Chimero.  You may remember me posting Frank’s “The States” art print series last week.  The interview is pretty brief, and is especially geared to those interested in graphic design.  It’s worth a read.  Check it out at ArtCulture.com.

The Half and Half’s Obama Print

Here is another awesome Obama print that you may or may not want to know anything about.  It was produced by The Half and Half.  It’s a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is only $20.  Each square on the print is 1″ x 1″, and the source imagery comes from […]

Bunny Head Hat by Jeremy Fish / Superfishal

Are you brave enough to wear a pink bunny hat around?  Probably not, but I thought this was just too unique and adorable to not be posted.  Jeremy Fish’s newest entry in his Superfishal line is this Bunny Head New Era hat.  It is $55 and still available in a wide variety of sizes at […]

Burlesque Design’s New MGMT Poster

For the second night of the MGMT Halloween concert run in NYC, Burlesque Design put together this spooky masterpiece (see the Brad Klausen poster from the first night below).   This is a collaborative effort between Mike Davis and Wes Winship.  There should be some at the show, plus online in the coming weeks at BurlesqueDesign.com.  […]

Brad Klausen’s New MGMT Poster (Onsale Info)

Time to move onto something else hot.  Brad Klausen has some serious illustration skills, check out this new poster he just did for tonight’s MGMT show in NYC.  It’s an 18″ x 24″, six color screenprint.  These will go up sometime tomorrow (Friday, October 31) on Brad’s site.  He hasn’t confirmed if he’ll send out […]

Barack Obama “Vote” Poster by Shepard Fairey

Well, the time has come, the new Shepard Fairey designed Obama print is now up for sale.  “Vote” is a 26″ x 40″ offset, has an edition of 5000, and is $70.  I’m willing to bet these go pretty fast, so get on it.  Visit BarackObama.com. EDIT:  Thanks to Arrested Motion for the info, use […]

New Posters and Art Prints by Justin Hampton (Onsale Info)

Justin Hampton is dropping a load of new things tomorrow.  The new stuff includes an Obama art print in two editions (with a portion of the proceeds going directly to the campaign for a last minute push), a Nikka Costa tour poster in two editions, and a collaborative art poster by he and Malleus.  All […]

Invader Interview Part Two

Here is the second part of the Jet Set Graffiti interview with French street artist Invader.  I posted the first half earlier this week.  In this clip, he discusses his indoor work, most of it involving Rubix Cubes.  Pretty interesting, for sure.  Enjoy the clip.

“Change We Need” Obama Art Print by Bask

There will likely be alot of Obama prints coming out in the next few days, so if you’re not a fan, bear with me.  This one is looking pretty great.  Street artist Bask’s new print “Change We Need” is a 12″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $200.  It was published […]

Huck Gee Art Print and Dunny Release (Onsale Info)

Huck Gee is going to release a second version of his Rooftops art print.  “Moonrise Rooftops” is a 12″ x 24″ giclee on duck canvas, has an edition of 80, and will be $80 each.  After the success of the first one, you can pretty much bet on these going FAST.  They will drop tomorrow […]

“Buffer Overflow” Art Print by Sean Clarity (Onsale Info)

Gallery 1988 will drop the first print from the new Crazy4Cult 2 series this weekend.  “Buffer Overflow” by Sean Clarity, obviously a take on “The Goonies”, is a 15″ x 20″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $100.  These will be available starting Saturday, November 1st.  If you’d like one, shoot G1988 an […]

New Obey Art Print: Day Of The Dead (Onsale Info)

Wow, this is great.  The newest Obey art print, “Day of the Dead”, is actually by the Obey / Studio Number One employee Ernesto Yerena.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and will be $45.  It will be signed by both Yerena and Shepard Fairey.  This one is set to […]