“The Pumpkin President” Art Print by Mark Ryden

Here’s a brand new art print by Mark Ryden for Merry Karnowsky Gallery’s “Art For Hope” Exhibition.  “The Pumpkin President” is a 25″ x 33″ lithograph, has an edition of 500, and is $500.  All proceeds will go to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama.  You can reserve one now by following these instructions, they will be taking reservations from September 23-30:

  • 2.) Put ‘Mark Ryden’ in the ‘Subject’ field of your email.
  • 3.) Put your full name, email address(s), and best phone number(s) to reach you. (A piece will not be reserved for you without this information).
  • 4.) A gallery representative will then contact you regarding payment/donation details.

If you have any questions, contact the gallery at (323) 933-4408, or visit MarkRyden.com.

15 Responses to ““The Pumpkin President” Art Print by Mark Ryden”

  1. nice print!
    curious if they will last until september 30th though…

  2. great print… if i were the beneficiary of a golden parachute from a corporate bailout instead of someone who’s watching my 401k dry up, i’d definitely get one of these

  3. good one oryx

    doesn’t Ryden’s stuff sell pretty quickly? I think he’s popular with the flippers…

  4. the stuf does sell pretty quickly, however the last two releases, general sherman and california brown bear now sell for face value, so i figure less of these will be purchased with intentions to flip as chances are there wont be much profit.

  5. No, this will not sell quickly to “flippers”. Try looking at how they “cashed in” on “California Brown Bear”.

  6. this will sell out fast if it hasn’t already… the cali brown bear is not the same as the pumpkin president… this is definitley already sold out…

  7. yes the brown bear was a bust but general sherman wasn’t too bad (in the beginning)… dude it’s got HOPE written on it (jackpot)

  8. I’m going to go on record as saying that if anyone is foolish enough to buy this for the purpose of immediately reselling, they will find that this is fairly priced at $500. There may be a few sales at first between a couple of parties trying disparately to create a buzz, but ultimately its fair value is $500 for the foreseeable future.

  9. The foreseeable future isn’t very long as Ryden is being shown in Japan early next year by Takashi Murakami’s rep. – If, or rather when, he blows up in Japan ….it’s all over….

  10. youknow… you’re right… tool, you are also right… but don’t be mistaken… this print is not the Cali. Brown Bear or the General Sherman… and with no disrespect to you, those prints sucked… Pumpkin President is one of Mark’s most desirable images and is from the famed “Meat Show”… it is fairly priced but this print will go up in value fairly fast. keep collecting and keep flipping to make those collection bigger and better!!!

  11. I sent an email. Hoping I can get this one. Going to have to sell a few things to make it happen though.

  12. Ryden lost me as a print collector when he started printing cheap lithographs with text printed on them instead of amazing Giclees, like his older prints. If this were a giclee and didnt have text all over the bottom, I would be all over it.

    I made about $100 on each of general sherman and california brown bear. So yes you can sell for profit but its not like the golden days.

  13. I sent an email as well. I wonder when they’ll start responding.

  14. Got one!

  15. got one too. I hope this is really, truly limited to 500. The process for getting one seems a little messy – room for error.

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