David Choe’s Obama Poster (Process Pictures)

Even David Choe was surprised when he heard that his Barack Obama poster would be turned into a screenprint.  Upper Playground put the always impressive Burlesque Design on the job, and the results look stunning.  Check out printer Ben Lafond’s pictures on Flickr.

11 Responses to “David Choe’s Obama Poster (Process Pictures)”

  1. Wow-those guys are amazing. I can’t wait to see this thing in person.

  2. Great, another Obama cash in, what a joy to behold. Won’t be worth the paper that they are printed on when Obama loses the election. CHOE has gone right down in my estimations with this abomination.

  3. LOL,

  4. Keep seeking that truth that John McCain is feeding you buddy. I hope it tastes delicious.

  5. haha. someone is in loser denial.

  6. This screenprint is incredible. Did I miss out on this?

  7. Isn’t David Choe the guy who made those comments at the end of the Obama Manifest Hope video on you tube?

    I died a little inside when I heard that, because visually it’s really good. But now I can’t look at it without thinking about those comments.

  8. Just lovely.

  9. Disliking this because you dissaprove of Choe’s comments on the end of that video is ridiculous.

    It was innapropriate in the context of the video, but it’s not like what he said was reprehensible on any real moral level. He was just dicking around and whoever edited the video made the mistake of putting it in there. He made some offhand remarks about Obama with the attempt of being humorous, and for whatever reason the Manifest video guys decided to put it in the video. Again, innapropriate considering the circumstances, and it made him look like a bit of a dolt; but Choe is a fantastic artist.

    Wagner was a narcissist and anti semite, but I still love his music. If you can’t enjoy something based on a comment as menial as Choe’s you seriously need to re-evaluate your outlook on “art”.

  10. This print is the truth.

    First one on the bay moved for a cool dime.


  11. I never said I didn’t like the art itself. It’s really fantastic.

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