Scrojo’s “The Blues Brothers” Poster

The Alamo Drafthouse just hired Scrojo to produce his first poster for them.  This one for “The Blues Brothers” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, and can be had for $30 at

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  1. The Alamo is a famous theater. Wonder if they’ll notice, or care that Dan Aykroyd’s name is consistently spelled incorrectly on this poster. Designers need to be proofreaders, too. You don’t need school for either trade. It’s a pity – cause the print looks great.

  2. Of course we care! However, we are also dumb. Luckily, (because of you) it was caught and the print will have the corrected spelling. Thanks for the sharp eyes there, David!
    Tim Doyle

  3. What would schooling do? Make you a better proof reader or improve spelling? You must mean the former, as i never recall hearing “Aykroyd” in any spelling bee.

  4. It would have helped me pass ‘Ghostbusting 101’ if I had schooled myself up right.

  5. I would be pissed if I commisioned a poster and received this. I hope it looks better in person than my poorly pixulated mac.

  6. Didn’t use a specheck, and I’m drunk and high up in the mountains, not really, but I LOVE this poster!

    If you’ve seen this movie, and you love Belushi and Akroyd, then this is a sweet poster!

  7. Apparently I’m a Commanist

  8. Belushi has some dirt on his forehead, you might want to clean that up when you fix the spelling of Dan’s last name.

  9. Guy on the right looks like Gene Simmons if he gained weight. Also, he has a vagina chin.

  10. That’s also not Dan Aykroyd – That’s a cougar with some lip puffy surgery.

  11. you’ll are a bunch of babies, Jim looks like this (hahahah) Dan looks like that (heheheh). The writing isn”t so (wawawaw). Jeez…

  12. Spelling mistake aside, this is great.

  13. Sacha – Please quit talking so much shit, it’s not welcome.

    Al- the spelling error has actually been fixed now.

  14. OK – Sorry
    i over stepped the mark.

  15. thanks guys. for, honestly, the good the bad and the ugly. i dig all input. plus thank you david for catching the “Y” before it went to print ( how many “Y”s does the bastard need ). i don’t mean to argue with you but the designer is the LAST person you want to rely on for proof reading. we are too consumed with overall flow and minute kearning problems that we literally can’t see the forrest thru the trees .

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