Screens and Spokes Art Prints (Onsale Info)

Well, the Screens and Spokes openings are wrapping up this weekend, so that means it’s time for them to release some prints.  The three most sought after ones will be the Jay Ryan, Michael Munter, and Brad Klausen prints.  They will be sold via email, first come, first served.  The corresponding time for each print is listed below, and requests should be sent via email at exactly the time listed.  The rest of the prints will be in their Etsy shop by the 15th.  Remember, the proceeds go to benefit the National MS Society.  For more info, and to see most of the prints, check out the Screens and Spokes blog.

Jay Ryan – Email On Saturday, September 13th At 1pm EST

Brad Klausen – Email On Sunday, September 14th At 1pm EST

Michael Munter – Email On Monday, September 15th At 1pm EST

8 Responses to “Screens and Spokes Art Prints (Onsale Info)”

  1. there is football on this sunday! what’s the deal?

  2. Try living in my timezone AND having rugby on. I really wanted that Jay poster too (sniff).

  3. This is what iPhone’s and Blackberrys are for people! You can do it!

  4. So true, Sam! (your comment gave me a laugh).

  5. I mean it’s a sad fact.. but we’re all plugged in now all the time, so now you can drink a beer while watching football at your local bar AND buy a sweet print for charity. Win Win

  6. I WANT to give you my money. I’ve taken a peek at some of the other prints in this show, and me likes. So, I may devise a plan B for charitable expenditure should my time difference maths/lack of hardware prevent me from snagging the ryan. Could you do a lottery next time per chance?

  7. a lottery isn’t a bad idea. Maybe we’ll think about it in the future. Might be worth sending an email for the high demand prints even if it’s late. We are hoping to sell out but it is always worth a shot.

    Glad you’re digging some of the prints

  8. Picked up the Screens ‘n spokes print by a young, up-and-coming print artist named Mark Forsman. His print was only $20 and is my favorite of them all, check him out.

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