Daniel Danger’s New Art Print (Process Blog)

Daniel Danger is currently in Portland, Oregon, where he is undertaking another ultra-ambitious art print project at Diesel Fuel Prints.  The print will feature an image from a painting that was in his show at Wootini earlier this year, and it will be a screenprint with over 15 colors.  You can watch the process, color by color, on his blog at TinyMediaEmpire.com.

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  1. dd is going to make me broke. granted I can actually get my hands on one of these.

  2. That is a nice panting

  3. Looks incredible…

  4. where do you get this?

  5. don’t get me wrong, its nice. but its like every other dd work. all you need is one of his pieces and you’re pretty much covered.

  6. Time to possibly move in a new direction? Would like to see him progress towards newer subject matters.

  7. The devil is in the details. I think many of his works have more depth than you are giving him credit for julita. Many artists have periods, he is using floating people and these characters right now but if you look at his entire portfolio with an open mind, you would realize how wrong you are.

  8. Every piece I see is fantastic. His use of blacks and blues; the shadows are incredibly powerful.

  9. he’s been using floating people for YEARS. the vast majority of his works are blues and blacks with green and red as his backups. i’ve got his ghost ship and i dig it but for the last year it just seems like its all empty houses, floating people, and dark trees. i’m just looking forward to him changing it up is all.

  10. I think his biggest problem is that he’s an artist using a Dell. (Assuming that’s his laptop on his blog) Get a Mac and all will grow and improve. :)

  11. Dan McCarthy’s new print is pretty similar. night time, tree silhouette, light on in the house.

  12. I think The Dange should make a Obama piece already

  13. I dunno about you guys but do the floating people make any sense to you in this at all, i just dont see the connection, its a much nicer print without them

  14. Maybe they are lucid dreaming – its night and with lucid dreamind you can arrange to meet a friend in a dream point both prior agreed.
    That’s my simple take on it

  15. the imagery is a reference to an oooold song of mine. its on the box set LP, so you can listen to it at some later point. it refers to waking up in the middle of the night and hearing a tv on in the distance, or seeing the light from the screen in the other room coming down the hall and thinking someone is there, but who isnt there and hasnt been there for some time. but maybe they are, just not where youd expect, and wanting to be there too. i wanted the top and bottom to be related, both thematically and visually as a matched pair, in this case, as an inverse. the top should act as a keystone to the lit but empty room. its a connection between two things, which alot of my stuff relates to. blah blah blah. without the people, it would just be a house and some trees. ok, enough babbling on my part, i have a print to get back to. but i DO like the lucid dreaming idea, and i support that theory. maybe thats part of it, i dunno.

    also, lets not start the PC vs Mac debate. haha.

    what would an obama print of mine even look like? a little ghost president hanging out with a deer in a white house made of trees? however, HOPE was a word i used to hide in old prints for years. in my younger more reckless years when i was doing thrown up paintings on walls around rochester i used the the tag HOPE and paintings of a little girl with wings with a cross on her chest. it would all come full circle…

    brian & julia: possibly youre right, but im young. i havent been doing this that long in the grand sceme of things. picassos blue period was what, 4 or 5 years? im making progress with my technique that im really proud of, more and more with every piece. theres a progression between now and 3 years ago, even if im still using trees and ghosts as a thematic visual element from time to time, but theres more to it than that conceptually. im out and about as much as i can bringing my ideas and work to new people everyday, so im not really ready to jump ship on things just yet, because i dont feel im quite done with it. but regardless, this painting is 6 or 7 months old, so…

  16. DD,

    Can we please “hope to float”?

  17. Saw the Hope to Float print on Ebay already for $225.00!!

  18. Never start a debate you’re going to lose. Smart man. =) I kid, I kid.

  19. hey dd. this thing is insane. dont change a thing about your style, love it and always have. any hint on when and where.

  20. Agreed… this style is amazingly powerful. Don’t change until you absolutely must.

    “we were waiting at the seams, bursting but through quiet means” – available soon…

    any idea as to when?

  21. “we were waiting at the seams, bursting but through quiet means” – available soon…

    IF you pulled this off of tinymediaempire….then it is a bit out of date….they were sold through postersandtoys and also at his gallery showings over the past year. There were even some very unique variations that were released at those gallery showings also.

    Good luck in your search…the print is stunning in person. I had one but because of financial needs I had to sell it. I do plan on getting one of the color variations again.


  22. I just started a Daniel Danger fanclub on Facebook.. (no pictures or anything yet…) Come and join so we can all be fanboy/girls together. I’m such a geek.

  23. duh….

  24. I am to old for Facebook or myspace – I would look like a groomer on those sites.

  25. I hope that the colors come out better than “We Were Fortunate”.

    Colors came too bright and killed the piece for me (IMO)

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