Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Art Print “…so how can we hope to float?”

Here’s an exclusive scoop on a brand new Daniel Danger art print featuring the artwork from his Decemberists poster.  The story goes something like this:  Daniel was less than happy with the final product on his Decemberists poster, so he decided to retool the print, reworking the color separations from the ground-up, which should result […]

Our Newest Sponsor: Joshua Budich

I’m very happy to tell you about our newest sponsor, Mr. Joshua Budich.  I’ve covered Josh’s work on here a few times, he’s an up and comer for sure.  If you haven’t seen his work yet, definitely take a look at the art prints he has for sale at JoshuaBudich.com, as all of them are […]

Catalyst Art Print Previews

Here are previews for two more art prints that will be available exclusively at the “Catalyst” show in San Francisco.  The first one is by artist and Isis member Aaron Turner.  The second is by Florian Bertmer, a man of the minute for sure.  Both of these will be large screenprints, and will only be […]

Emek’s Mars Volta Poster (Onsale Info)

Looks like it will be a busy Saturday, as Emek will release his Mars Volta poster tomorrow.  This one is a huge 23″ x 32″ screenprint with three blends.  Also, ten lucky people will randomly receive variants.  Hit the store/info section tomorrow (Saturday, August 23) at 11am PST.  Visit Emek.net.

New Dalek Art Print

Looks like Dalek just put up a brand new art print for sale.  It is 18″ x 24″, a nine color screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is only $60.  Gotta say I’m really digging this one, especially since it’s so much less expensive than the Decoder Ring series print.  Visit DalekArt.com.

Ghost-Town Super Sale!

Our friends at Ghost-Town are having an End of Summer Super Sale.  For a mere $25, you get sent a random package with 5 random posters or art prints, plus some will even receive a t-shirt.  This is truly the year of the mystery tube, join the fun at Ghost-Town.net. Also, if you’re in the […]

“Between Breaths” Art Print by Cui Nan

Red Star Press out of China/US is continuously putting out work by some of China’s best street artists.  This new one, “Between Breaths” by Cui Nan, is an 11 color screenprint, measures a huge 29″ x 29″, has an edition of only 45, and is $190.  Yes, I did say it was a screenprint, these […]

Simpsons Vinyl Mini Figures by Kidrobot

Talk about a mainstream crossover product for Kidrobot, check out this new blind box mini figure series for The Simpsons.  There are 24 common figures, plus three chase figures, all of which stand 3″ tall.  They can be purchased in individual blind boxes for $7.95, or as a case of 24 for $181.  Visit Kidrobot.com.

New Obey Art Print: Tyrant Boot (Onsale Info)

Ah, it’s nice to see Shepard Fairey finally doing a throwback to his propaganda style of old.  “Tyrant Boot” is set to release sometime today (Thursday, August 21).  It will have the new Obey edition of 450 and the new Obey price of $45.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

David Choe x Barack Obama Print (Part Two)

I thought it was pretty cool that David Choe did an Obama poster, but I didn’t even notice that he did two of them.  This second one is also 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 200, and is $200.  Visit UpperPlayground.com.

David Choe x Barack Obama Print

David Choe is the latest person to release an Obama poster through Upper Playground.  It is 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 200, and is $200.  This is a preorder, and the print won’t ship until October 15.  As usual, all proceeds go toward producing materials for Obama’s presidential campaign.  Visit UpperPlayground.com.

David D’Andrea’s Handpainted OM Posters

David D’Andrea is now taking orders for handpainted versions of his OM poster.  The black linework will be printed on either 300lb Fabriano watercolor paper or Crescent illustration board (your choice), then hand-colored by Mr. D’Andrea himself.  There will be less than ten produced, and they will all be totally unique.  These will be produced […]

New Stuff at Burlesque Design (Onsale Info)

Burlesque is going to drop a couple of goodies tomorrow afternoon.  This update will feature Wes’ new King Kong shirt, which will be $20 shipped, as well as Todd Bratrud’s new art print for Creature Skateboards.  The Bratrud will be $30 shipped.  The store will be updated tomorrow (Thursday, August 21) at 2pm CST.  Visit […]

This Week’s Tiny Showcase Print (And Shirt): Lizzy Stewart

Tiny Showcase will release a new shirt and art print by British artist Lizzy Stewart tonight.  As usual, they have picked a perfect artist for the Showcase, her work fits in very well with what they are doing over there.  The print will be limited to 100 pieces, and will be inexpensive.  TS prints drop […]

Methane’s 10th Anniversary Gallery Show

Wow, pretty hard to believe it’s been ten years.  Methane Studios will celebrate a decade of existence with an art show at Alcove Gallery in Decatur, GA.  The opening is August 23, an event that will feature plenty of art, a film, and live music.  The show will run through September 9.  Visit AlcoveArts.com for […]