“Seasons Of Change” Art Print Set by Jeremy Fish

Well, after a decent print hiatus, then those two new ones a couple of weeks ago, Jeremy Fish has a brand spankin’ new set of four art prints out.  “Seasons Of Change” includes four 16″ x 20″ screenprints.  The set is limited to 100 pieces, the price is $200.  Visit UmbrellaMarket.com.

2 Responses to ““Seasons Of Change” Art Print Set by Jeremy Fish”

  1. I really love Jeremy Fish’s work, but I just can’t see a naked badger-lady going up on my wall. Digging the fox and two dogs the most, reckon if I could have bought that on it’s tod I would have, just would have kept it in my flat file.

  2. just crazy. this is something that i would put right in front of my door just so people would be guarenteed to see it when they enter my house. i can’t get enough. love em

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