Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s “Detritus” Art Print (Pictures and Official Info)

Aaron Horkey just sent all the info over for what is sure to be one of the best prints of the year, “Detritus”.  If you don’t know by now, this one is gonna debut at Fifty24SF’s Catalyst Group show on September 4th.  The final stats are:  16.75″ x 34.75″, 3 color screenprint with hand painted/drawn embellishments on Mocha Skin Curious paper, edition of 140 (100 at the gallery), $360.  For more info on the gallery, visit Fifty24SF.com.

Here is what Aaron had to say about the piece:

“Embellished with 5 colors – acrylics, gouache and colored pencil. Each individual piece includes it’s unique print number hand rendered in paint, cradled inside the Detritus emblem at the bottom of the print. Surrounding flourishes on each number have been added using metallic gold colored pencil, also unique to each print. 12 egg cases within the illustration have also been rendered and the print number for each print has been painted into the key face, upper right corner of the image.”

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  1. Holy Hell, Amazing!

    i wonder if the higher, triple digit editions would be more sought after because of the additional detailage?

    …and yes $360 is a lot but it’s worth it when you’re buying a piece of horkey. literally, the only thing this is missing is a signature in blood and a timeshare on his soul. what effort on his part.

    again, Amazing!

  2. What he said

    Just wondering about the 40 prints not at the gallery!?

  3. Aren’t the remaining 40 being sold on BONA’s Japanese website?

  4. Wow. Any use of the term “next level” didnt mean anything until now.

  5. UFF DA, WOW, wish I lived anywhere close to get one of these!

  6. 100 to the gallery

    20 A/Ps

    20 for Burlesque Subscribers

  7. Do you know that for a fact, or are you just speculating?

  8. Killer. This is going to be a great show!

  9. man.. unbelieveable

  10. Incredible. No doubt, I will have to own this.

  11. @admin:

    no. the information of “stephen” is wrong as there are 35 sub slots.

  12. @ Bill Payer

    My fault. I thought that is what Aaron told me directly when I spoke with him.

  13. @Stephen

    it used to be 20 sub slots, but since this year there are 35.

    did he tell ya the exact run for this print as you wrote it down or did he told ya the amount of subs?

  14. The print run is 140 is what I believe he said and what I have seen posted elsewhere also. I know that 100 were going to UP and then subscribers were taken care of, but it does not seem that many for APs with only 5 left. There will also be 40 I believe he said that are for Japan but that is a different print… black on white I believe like the WBG. Regardless a very low print run and definately worth getting.

  15. i guess the 5 are for the black osprey/ burlesque archives.

    yep, definately a very low print run and a must have for every fan of the artist.

  16. this beats the hell out of some teenage assistant in the backroom numbering the prints

  17. 140 Regular Edition
    10 Artist Proof
    6 Printers Proof

    10 Steel Gray Variants
    4 Royal Blue Variants
    2 Chipboard Variants

  18. This print is sick. I just bought one at Upperplayground.com and I advise everyone to do the same before they sell out..

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