Exclusive: Paul Frank’s Sculpture For The “Cohen’s Art” Project

With a book looming on the horizon, the Cohen’s Art project is in full swing.  In case you’re unfamiliar, California artist Aye Jay sends watercolor paintings by his son Cohen to a ton of popular artists, who are usually more than grateful to collaborate with young Cohen.  Here’s what Aye Jay had to say about what Paul Frank sent over:

“Back a few years, Paul Frank’s tagline was : “Paul Frank is your friend.” i thought this was a clever marketing ploy until i met the man himself. When asked to be a part of Cohen’s collaborative project, he not only said yes, but decided to do a super ambitious and time consuming design. he would take one of Cohen’s drawings and make it into a sewn 3d sculpture. He just finished and it’s super amazing! Though the whole process, he has been an amazing, warm and thoughtful person. If you get the chance, please support his new clothing line, Park La Fun. It’s awesome stuff from an awesome guy, He is our friend and we’re proud of it!”

To see more of Cohen’s Art, visit AyeJay.com.   Also check out ParkLaFun.com.

5 Responses to “Exclusive: Paul Frank’s Sculpture For The “Cohen’s Art” Project”

  1. Where is that shirt from? Where can I buy it? Thanks.

  2. I feel like this dude just wants free art, and found a way to do so. He’s even selling some of Cohen’s collabs.

  3. What are you talking about? He doesn’t sell any of them, he has a couple of drawings that HE and Cohen collabed on for sale, but that’s it. Those pieces belong to Cohen, not Aye Jay. Don’t make stupid comments on my site.

  4. very nice of you to stand up for me, OMGP. thank you!

    As mentioned, i put up a drawing that cohen and i did together for sale on my site. I also put up one that i did with my daughter. These were done for fun with my kids. We’ve never sold any of cohen’s collaborative art pieces, and never will.

    As an artist, i love art, but have never asked anyone to send pieces back to us. Theres many cases where the artist sends a jpeg of the collaborative art.

    Cohen’s art project was started to bridge my new family life with my professional art life and grew into something bigger over the couse of many years. The only reason we started sharing these pieces are that people had genuine interest in it. I understand that makes me fair game for critics, and welcome discourse about it. It’s the only way to hope to make people see why we’re doing what we are and why.

    Rather than continue in forum, if you or anyone else has any questions about motivation or the history of the art project, just shoot me a line at ayejay@ayejay.com. it’s much easier to explain yourself person to person.

    Thank you again omgp!

  5. and the first comment: follow the weblink in the post to paul’s new site. not sure if his shop is up, but that will be the place to get the shirt. The whole line is bossome!

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