Emek’s Mars Volta Poster (Onsale Info)

Looks like it will be a busy Saturday, as Emek will release his Mars Volta poster tomorrow.  This one is a huge 23″ x 32″ screenprint with three blends.  Also, ten lucky people will randomly receive variants.  Hit the store/info section tomorrow (Saturday, August 23) at 11am PST.  Visit Emek.net.

27 Responses to “Emek’s Mars Volta Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. This is actually the first EMEK I like.

  2. Jacob,

    You must not be a thinking man–me either.


  3. i like the colors and such, but the layout and clipart planet……….. not so much

  4. Most of us won’t even see a buy button for this. You will have to be VERY lucky to get this one.

  5. That was messed up. I was on at the exact second and no dice.

  6. My mind is boggled. I dont belive they sold out within two minutes

  7. yea same here its the first emek i like as well:(

  8. Me 2…. WHat the F____? Are you kidding me???? there was NO buy button…..It came up as sold out…. Im SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Such is life. I’m still bitter over the Jermaine Rogers Neil Print.

  10. i was told by a freind that others have never seen the buy button to purchase one. others posted confirmations saying thank you for there order.

  11. Same here, That was ridiculous too. At least at Obey I see a buy button ,even though it doesn’t mean I will get one….

  12. I got the Buy button, then the computer went to a blank pop-up screen that disappeared, and the poster was sold out. Buyers on another forum say they kept F5ing and a second batch went up a few minutes after the first.

  13. I kept F5’ing too. Still nothing. It said a few left and then still sold out.

  14. Hey guys!!!! its up on EBAY for only $1,500.00 YIPPIE DOO!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Seriously…I hope no one pays that.

  16. Some one just paid that…

  17. OMG, seriously??????


  18. I got 1 ya losers!

  19. $1,500, Can anyone say hmmm Idiot……

  20. Wow Stoney. You must be consistently well liked in your community. Do your pleasant skills include kicking babies in the face and robbing grandmothers?

    Congrats though!

  21. I didn’t try for this one…I’m with Jennifer— bitter over the Jermaine Roger’s Neil print. Does this sort of thing happen a lot?

  22. I got that 1 too!

  23. *high-fives Stoney*



  24. Stoney also has original copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Magna Carta, and J. K. Rowling’s unwritten Harry Potter prequel!

  25. No one found its similarities to Grateful Dead posters at all worthy of mention? They aren’t really very similar artists in any sort of way, but if the GD was from Earth, the Mars Volta is its doppelganger in a far off distance universe.

  26. doppelganger! ps this print is ok but not that great! pay 1500 bucks for it!

  27. I got lucky and scored this one. My 1st Emek.
    I clicked again less than a minute later and “Sold Out”

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