New Jacob Bannon Art Prints

Wow, these are insane.  Deathwish just put two brand new Jacob Bannon art prints up for sale, and they are HUGE.  Both “Hephaestus” and “Poseiden” are 30″ x 60″ giclees, have editions of only 30, and are $350 each.  Talk about a powerful piece of art to cover your wall with.  Visit

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  1. i’d like to afford one right now.

  2. wow, wish i coudl afford one right now. totally rad.

  3. not to detract from their awesomeness, but they woulda been incredible as silkscreens.

  4. Are they panning on doing a larger version?

  5. Seriously. I, too, wish I could afford one. But I’m starting to save for something else.

  6. Well
    Its not just about having enough cash for the print is it !

    Its also the 2nd loan on the house for the framing.

    Then you will have to move as you have not got a wall big enough and the fees and cash for the new house.

    Then you need the cherry picker rented to put this thing up and a small construction crew


  7. This guy is American!

    McMansion all the way!

  8. hmmm – can’t decide which color i like more…

  9. he says they are going to make a smaller screen printed one sooner or later…so i guess if these are too big and too much for your wallet..then hold off..they were suppose to just be super limited and huge for a reason

  10. Red

  11. yeah im down, but i def preferred the 30 buck screenprints that were the deathwish norm…………in fact if anybody has the FRACTURES print i’ll trade you Horkey’s Cable poster or buy it with cash…………i kinda must have it so feel free to be crazy. hopefully giclees arent the wave of the future at deathwish…..

  12. hey billy,

    i have an extra fractures print, but i already have the cable print. i would like to trade for another bannon print that i don’t have like flocks, jane doe, oblivian, in place apart, no heroes.


  13. holeeeeshit. These are awsome. I love the textures in this.

  14. The blue one doth rock… hard.

  15. darn it xgx, the only bannon print i’ve got is the red converge skull from a while back…..i wish i had snagged flocks too but unfort not…..hit me up at cr30316 at yahoo dot com if anything else would work or if anyone else has a spare FRACTURES! thanks

  16. man these are insanneneeeeee. there are no words. i hope they put out a smaller one. i can’t float 350.

  17. Thanks for the tip, badjon, hope he does come out with the smaller screen printed versions for those of us who are too cheap to spring for the giclees.

  18. billy,

    i have an extra Fractures, and would probably be willing to trade you for you’re Cable poster.

    i shot you an email, please check it and respond back to me whenever you can.

    thanks 🙂



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