Emek’s “PDX Pop Now!” Poster (Onsale Info)

Sorry for the short notice on this one folks.  Emek did this lovely poster for a festival in his hometown of Portland, PDX Pop Now.  It’s a screenprint, limited to 100, and signed/numbered/embossed/doodled.  The price will be $40.  These go up today (Saturday, August 16) at 10am PST.  Visit Emek.net.

5 Responses to “Emek’s “PDX Pop Now!” Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. I like this!

  2. Got one! Yay! It will fit nicely into my new Itoya portfolio since I’m officially out of wall space, lol.

  3. Well done Jennifer – I love this but as you can see from the time I posted I jut read and quickly looked – of course its sold out !

    Thats a keeper even for a poor flipper.

  4. Just had a look elsewhere to see people thoughts on this
    Someone made me laugh – The said that this would be perfect for a doctors waiting room.

    True 🙂

  5. I saw that chiro/doc office comment on expressobeans too. It’s funny – from the comments it sounded like people didn’t like this print that much and then when it was on sale and sold out everyone seemed pissed not to get one. It made me wonder if people pretend not to like a print before it’s on sale to lessen the demand and kill the competition? I’m not saying those specific people did, but it seems like it’d be a good tactic. Don’t admit you like it and it’s cool till you got one. I don’t know. I just love the feeling of chemistry in this piece. It’s really cool. And Emek’s are always so wonderful in person. I love the heart and guts of music and the stare of the note. 🙂

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