The Insound 20 Collection by The Small Stakes

Insound has commissioned Jason Munn (aka The Small Stakes) to create some iconic images for 20 of the site’s favorite bands.  The designs are available as t-shirts, hoodies, and posters for $20,  $35, and $40, respectively.  The clothing is limited to 1000, while the posters are limited to 200 signed/numbered pieces each.  Very cool to see Jason get this gig, and that’s alot of quality work to churn out.  Preorder now at

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  1. I love this guys stuff, so simple but quality cant wait to pick up a few of these!

  2. […] Upcoming Stuff: I just finished a project for Insound that I’m pretty excited about where I did 20 different t-shirt and poster designs for 20 different bands. The designs will be available starting next week. At the moment I’m getting started on a couple new posters for Nada Surf and Built To Spill. Some magazine illustrations and a logo for and organic donut company. EDIT:  The Insound 20 is now available, read more here. […]

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