“Krunch Time” Art Print by Saber

Wow, here’s an insane art print by Saber, arguably one of the best graffiti artists on earth.   For his first ever fine art print, “Krunch Time”, he really went all out.  It’s a giant 36″ x 48″, 10 color screenprint (6 of them are heavy metallics).  There are deep variations throughout, all around a very cool art print.  The edition is 50, the price is $600.  Hit up the special early link at JetSetGraffiti.com.

…..Also, here’s a great video of Saber writing in broad daylight in LA and sharing his thoughts about street art.  Enjoy!

22 Responses to ““Krunch Time” Art Print by Saber”

  1. omg 600$

  2. Wow. It’s gorgeous! I want one….. but $600?! I can see why… but ouch.

  3. Amazing work. Too goddamn expensive, but still amazing.

  4. Nice print, but $600, that’s just stupid.


  5. This guy always seems concieded somehow. Maybe that’s just part of being a writer, I don’t know. I don’t think that’s the “first piece screen printed … ever”. c’mon… mediocre print for $600

  6. I watched the video and it’s funny cause he says “it’s not about the money” and then I look at the price tag for this –wow!

    I’m not saying he’s being untrue – I’m sure the time and sheer cost of supplies means it’s fairly priced, but not a lot of street kids can swing out the $600 for this…or maybe they can and it’s only use silly-folks working day jobs in offices who can’t bring in that much dough.

    This is a beautiful piece and I hope to see one in person one day. Wow! I’ll have to keep an eye out for Saber’s stuff. I’ve always been bad at reading pieces – is it a word? What does it say? I went to high school with people who did pieces and bombs back in the 90s and I’ve never been able to read many of them. My bad.

  7. it says “SABER” and $600 for 10 color print and 6 metallics, along with the print being 36 X 48 WHAAAATTTT, thats huge, and nott too expensive!!!

  8. I didn’t say it was too expensive for what it is. I said it was just a lot of money. That’s all. $600 is just a lot of coin. I’m not saying it’s overpriced. Maybe you roll much larger than me, but I still think $600 is a lot of money as in many dollars. Not as in too much for the piece. Does that make sense? It’s like if a laptop costs $1500 and you buy it on sale for $1200 – that’s a good price, but $1200 is still a lot of money to spend. I.E. a big purchase. I see $600 as also being a lot of money. That’s all I’m saying.

  9. 600 for a fckn name….oooo woooowww he pieced his name wildstyle!!! why 600? shtttttt for 600 i can get a beejoir print or a walker print for crying out loud

  10. Mark, some would argue that a hand drawn image and meticulous 10 color print are worth more money than a couple of colors representing art made from a stencil. Just a thought.

  11. i would pay $600 for a 36″ x 48″ Aaron Horkey

  12. This print is pretty amazing.

  13. This print is pretty amazing…


    Seriously though, these graph dudes need to step it up into the fine art forum a la Jeff Soto, Mars 1 and the like. The dude is a legend, has an excellent book, but this print looks like it will prick my finger when I touch it. Too abrasive for me.

  14. $600 is way to over the mark – He has added this up for sure,
    he’s added it up in his head,
    his 1980’s calculator watch and also his
    bio-astro-logical calculator for backup

    Its good, its nice, he took the time and I didn’t so I cant shout to much as he got off his arse but I wont shell out $600 for this.

  15. I haddnt even heard of saber till i saw him getting tattooed by guy aitchison and aaron cain on TLC. The guy has some serious skills though. Even if its a little over priced, its a great piece of art I dont think i’ve seen any other prints by graf artists that are this intricate. I would have put a price like $350 on it. But an edition of 50 is pretty small, I wouldnt be shocked if it ends up selling out before too long.

  16. I think this print would look amazing if I had a room and wall large enough to hang it. £300/$600 is not a bad price for a 10 colour print of this size. It’s a monster. And let’s be honest here, anyone with wall-space for this can probably drop the cash without blinking!!! It ain’t a huge sum.

    Asfor the Walker/Beejoir comment, neither of them are in this guy’s league as writers imo. Half of Beejoir’s and Walker’s prints are buyable for less than half this price on ebay, because they’re pretty poor in truth. Their better efforts cost more of course, but for a 1st effort at printing, this is very impressive imo.

  17. He’s a writer, there is no comparison, Beejoir paints stencils, and Nick Walker sits in his big studio all day pretending to be a vandal.

    For sure the guy is a great writer, if you like the print buy it, thats what its all about, if your buying for 100% investment then you will make a 99% loss.

  18. C’mon people $600 for a huge amazing piece of art is nothing. The whole point is only 50 were made so the value is going to skyrocket once these are sold out and Saber keeps getting more and more famous. Buying good art is not for everyone. You can always buy cheesy, generic art posters at your local framing store for $50 for those of you that can’t understand the difference…

  19. the best graffiti writer ever born

  20. Guys, for all of you saying $600 is too much, I think if you spent 20 years of your life dodging law and risking injury just to get better, I think if you released your FIRST PRINT, you’d want a good amount of money for it, And as to “its not about the money, it never was about the money”, everyone has to eat. Being a vandal is good and all, but even legends have to eat.

  21. all u supposed street kids are talkin shit because u have never made good work to justify a price of 600. this is nothing for a piece of this nature, you obviously have no concept of screen printing..the amount of work that went into this is silly compared to your toilet spewed crap that i see on the walls these days..sell ur cans and keep writin in your lame sketchbook and talk shit when u know what ur talkin about…this is why the fine art world gives no respect to the graf kids…because they get up on a bathroom wall at walmart with a magnumm 44 and they think their the next best thing…quit flodgin ur all bitches go talk with totem about coppin a piece from him for 600, he will laugh in your face…600 is childs play in the art world

  22. Lmao at all these old, ignorant comments. I bet most of the authors of them habve never seen a saber piece with their own eyes before, let alone this print. If you saw the scale and magnificence of the heavy metalics and fine details you might be quiet. Not to mention he used spray paint in the screens which is unheard of.

    But keep talking shit, i just had my krunch time print valued at close to a G. What were you saying about bad investment?

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