Jesse LeDoux’s “Travels” Art Print Series (Onsale Info)

Jesse LeDoux will release the first installment in his “Travels” series, a series of four art prints based on the places Jesse has recently visited.  “Switzerland” will drop today (Wednesday, June 18) at 6pm PST.  After that, Jesse will release a print every Wednesday for the next three weeks.  All of the prints will be 9″ x 12″ screenprints, and the set is limited to 75.  The prints are $20 individually.  The next three images will be based on Egypt, Thailand, and Japan, respectively.  Though you won’t be able to view the next three prints yet, you can purchase the entire set (site unseen) for $50 starting after the release of “Switzerland” tonight.  Each week, the price for the set will increase, topping out at $75 after the release of the last print.  It’s all kind of complicated, but also really cool.  Visit

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