Tim Biskup “The Artist In You” At Jonathan Levine Gallery

Uh, wow, Tim Biskup’s work in his brand new NYC gallery show is just beyond amazing. Alot of the show has already sold, and for obvious reason. As if the paintings aren’t crazy enough, they also released a 42 color silkscreened art print. Yes, 42. Visit JonathanLevineGallery.com.

EDIT: You can get the book about the exhibition at Flopdoodle.com for $20.  It is limited to 1000 copies.

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  1. I thought the print was over 55 colors as Tim recently stated. Anyway, went to the preview last night and Tim’s new work is amazing. Pick up the book that goes with the show, so you can see why Tim’s art has grown darker as well as the idea behind the multiple images.

  2. Loving his new direction. How much was the book. did you get extras? I’ll have to see if the gallery has any extras.

  3. You can buy the book from http://www.flopdoodle.com

  4. Thanks a bunch. nabbed it.

  5. Where’s the print? Is it for sale on their site?

  6. As of now, I think you have to contact the gallery about it. It is also on Flopdoodle for sale.

  7. Oh, I guess it just says to contact Levine.

  8. Just grabbed the book. Biskup’s work is getting better and better…
    BTW Thank you for the info and for giving the world such a great website!

  9. Scored me one-a them books. Thanks for the info.

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