Ten Questions With Leia Bell

Another day, another one of my favorite artists stopping by to answer the OMG ten questions.  Without further adieu, Ms. Leia Bell.

Age: 30.5

Location: salt lake city, utah (a.k.a. Palace of the Brine)

Years Doing Posters: screenprinted since 2000, black & whites since 1994

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Pixies poster, because they are my all-time favorite band– it was an honor to design something for them

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did:  Dan McCarthy’s “taking” (bunnies+strawberries+underground skeleton=magic)

Music Currently In Rotation: oh man… today?  Pinback, The Shins, Why?, Andrew Bird, Band of Horses, The Roches, The Smiths, Blonde Redhead… off the top of my head

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: Little Friends of Printmaking’s “Wassup Jammers” (it should be in my mailbox today!)

Art Hanging On Your Walls: at my house= several Dan McCarthy prints, Jay Ryan’s “Don’t go alone, go with a friend”, a couple of Tara McPherson posters, a painting by Justin Reynolds (of San Francisco), a painting by Trent Call (of Salt Lake City), Print Mafia’s Bright Eyes, Chuck Keppler’s The Only Children, other stuff made by family members

Upcoming Stuff: I’ll have a custom toy in a group show, “Pandora’s Toy Box” (opening May 15th in Charleston, WV) ; My new poster gallery/store “Signed & Numbered” will have its grand opening May 16th- featuring posters and art prints by contemporary artists of the gigposters world ; Flatstock Chicago this July ; possibly a solo show at the WV gallery this fall

Words of Wisdom: My grandma turns 100 this summer, so I asked her what her secret is… “Lighten up!” she says, and “eat an egg every day.” So there ya go.

To see more of her work, visit LeiaBell.com.

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  1. Great Article – I am off to buy some Eggs for my new routine.

  2. the new why? album is great.

  3. Agreed.

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