The Jamungo Budscription

Jamungo freaks, rejoice!!! Ferg and Co. just released details about their first “BUDscription”. To quote the transmission, here is what the sub includes:


Some (but not all) of the goods to be included in the 3.75″ Budscription are:

-SkllBuds 2.0 (all 10 colorways) -Diesel Fuel Bud Set – featuring designs from Stainboy, Mike Fisher, Casey Burns, Ken Adams, Vanbeater and Tooth -Daniel Danger Nades -12 BOTM releases -Series 3 -Special Release hand-paints -BUD related prints, stickers and other goods.

The BUDscription can be purchased for $500 by sending a Paypal payment to

6 Responses to “The Jamungo Budscription”

  1. Never heard of this – what is this about ?

  2. This is a subscription that gives you every 4″ BUD that Jamungo puts out for the next year, plus some exclusive shit. Awesome.

  3. So what exactly is a 4″ bud?

  4. They come in a few shapes, and by all different designers. Here are some examples:

  5. Ah, so its small toys. sorry to sound so stupid, I never got into the toy scene. Do people collect them, are there big collectors or pieces that go for huge amounts ? Whats the addiction on these ?

  6. They are quite collectible, they aren’t going for giant prices, but ya know, its probably about half price what it’d be if you bought them individually.

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