Ten Questions With Jay Ryan

I am very, very happy to have one of my favorite artists (and probably yours too) come by for a ten questions, Mr. Jay Ryan.

Age: 35

Location: i work in skokie, illinois, a suburb just north of chicago.

Years Doing Posters: 13

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: i can’t pick one overall, but i think the ‘madison exchange’ is a recent favorite. i’m pretty optimistic about a couple we’re working on right now, too.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: impossible to answer. probably something by david lance goines, horst janssen, dan mccarthy, hammerpress, or aaron horkey.

Music Currently In Rotation: battles (mirrored), kings of convenience (riot on an empty street), pablo casals (bach cello suites), american analog set (promise of love), the frames (burn the maps), radiohead (in rainbows), modest mouse (we were dead…), the radio department (pet grief), mother (gold record LP), sigur ros, mogwai, mum, and new andrew bird music.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: daniel danger’s flatstock/bats prints. or dan stiles’ ‘architecture in helsinki’.

Art Hanging On Your Walls at home: several paintings and drawings by nick butcher, a dan mccarthy ‘ghost friends’ painting, small stakes ‘low’ print, daniel danger’s ‘elk guard’, a couple chris ware originals, a pair of collage/paintings by steve campbell (of landfall press), a bunch of old zoological prints irresponsibly cut from 19th century books, methane studio’s ‘bright eyes’ and ‘camera obscura’, a painting by nadine nakanishi.

Upcoming Stuff: new dianogah record and tours, a load of new prints (modest mouse, mudhoney, art prints, dosh, and about 15 others), renegade craft fair in san francisco, flatstock in chicago, lots of bike riding, gardening, and walking the dog.

Words of Wisdom: keep your axe sharp, split your logs early, and let them dry at least six months (preferably more) before they go into the wood stove. for kindling, use wood chips and twigs collected from the yard, interspersed with black and white newsprint. start the fire small to build a draft, give the stove time to warm up, and let the fire burn in cycles – high and low, high and low.

To see more of Jay’s work, visit TheBirdMachine.com.

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  1. Great stuff, fantastic read !

  2. Agreed. Great read and a great artist.

  3. These interviews are great.

    But wait…what’s the blue and black print with the birds? Spooky and cool.

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