Camo Tramp Boy Art Print by Ron English

I thought this was worth posting here, as it is a total display of what can be done with a screenprint. Instead of taking the easy way out and doing this as a giclee, Jet-Set Graffiti produced Ron English’s Camo Tramp Boy as a 25″ x 38″, 36 color screenprint. They are hand pulled, have deckled edges, and about every other bell and whistle you could think of. The edition is 100, the price is $1000. Visit

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  1. $120 FOR SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLLY crap!

  2. The edition looks like:

    Edition Size: 130; 100 regular edition and 10 custom hand-painted. 10 A/P’s and 10 P/P’s

  3. impressive print job with a message, but kinda ugly.

  4. It’s spelled “holy”. Just doin’ my part.

  5. Incredible undertaking.

  6. Thanks Tool. HOLY CRAP!

  7. 36 colors! damn, gina.

  8. Holly Crap !!
    Very very cool – If I could buy one, I would.

  9. Wow! If I had the cash to drop this would so be mine. Too bad it is an entire mortgage payment

  10. the process is impressive, but not so sure i want this hanging on my wall. i didn’t realize the west bank was such a hotspot for artists across the globe. i swear i just watched a banksy video from the same spot…

  11. Amazing, simple amazing. Gotta love the hard work that went into this piece. Makes it worth every penny. Plus its Ron English. How can you go wrong. This will be come epic. Plus major show at Elms Lester with Adam Neate right around the corner

  12. Goddamn this is AMAZING!!!!!!
    Too expensive, but goddamn amazing nonetheless!

  13. I can’t even begin to imagine what a nightmare the color separation process was. 36 colors, man, that’s dedication.

    As far as the imagery, it’s kinda cool. but I wouldn’t put it on my wall.

    Regardless, it would be a solid investment. You don’t see many artists of the caliber of Ron doing screen prints with that many colors.

    Why is the shipping so damn expensive?

  14. Print: Absolute class!
    The message is strong, the quality of the print is second to none, artistic integrity maintained, smashing screenprinting barriers with 36 screens, massive in scale, deckled edges, colours that pop. What more could you want?

    Customer service: Shocking!
    Such a shame the customer service at Jet Set Graffiti was/is so appalling and that the individual process DVD that people paid for has yet to be delivered – or probably even produced for that matter. All it takes is communication and an apology.

  15. ouch..

    you think that the value of one of the 100 prints can actually increase?
    i need to know.

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