Todd Slater’s Planet of the Apes Poster

Man, the Alamo Drafthouse just keeps knocking them out of the park. This new one by Todd Slater is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint. 50 of the regular metallic version are available for $30, while only 10 of the variant will be for sale, and they are $50. Visit

EDIT:  Looks like there was a mixup over at Mondotees.  The orange version is actually the regular version, while the metallic is the variant. 

3 Responses to “Todd Slater’s Planet of the Apes Poster”

  1. There was confusion between Todd & Doyle. The metallic copper one (the one on light paper) is the variant, and the orange and red one is the regular edtion.

    Mistake has been corrected on Mondotees.

    This might be the first poster Todd has to “drop off at the club” since moving to Austin.

  2. you guys are killing me, I had to grab the metallic version of this one also…mondotees is the best

  3. Todd’s work is awesome.
    it’s even better than the Beasties Boys gig poster Todd did with Dr. Zeus previously.

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