Jermaine Rogers X Daniel Johnston Collaborative Print

Wow, this is awesome news. Daniel Johnston recently exhibited in Colorado, so a collaborative print between he and Jermaine Rogers was born. This is a 23″ x 32″ screenprint with an edition of 150. Also, many variations of the print were produced, including different colored inks, day-glo versions, glow-in-the-dark versions, etc. These will all be sold blind in one big edition, which version you get will be a surprise. This goes down Friday, April 11 at 4pm EST. Visit

7 Responses to “Jermaine Rogers X Daniel Johnston Collaborative Print”

  1. sold out in under a minute!!!

  2. SOLD OUT!!!
    that was quick

  3. yeah i dont get it. i mean, his stuff is cool enough, but there’s some internet freak out crew snatchin up all his stuff in like no time……sounds suspect yo, fight the power!

  4. It went fast because it was a collaboration with Daniel Johnston and signed by both artists

  5. nope, that wasnt it. it was other stuff, smarty mc smart.

  6. Biscuit you’re a moron to suggest this. If you can’t see why it sold out so fast, you need your head checked. This is the biggest collab of the year so far.

  7. oh i’m correct sir, just trust me on this………! and mr mcsmart, as for you, it’s so on!

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