Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Isis Poster (Euro Version)

Aaron Horkey sent over this amazing new third version of his Isis tour poster, this time for some new European dates.  You may also notice that the flowers on the print have followed a progression over the three prints, from dead stems to fully bloomed.  These will be available at the shows, the online via Burlesque after the tour.  I’ll keep you posted, enjoy.

8 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Isis Poster (Euro Version)”

  1. I like this one about 10x better than the other 2.

    The flowers!

  2. werd. That is sick!

  3. giggity!

  4. OMG OMG OMG!! I just pissed my pants! This is AWESOME!

  5. Beautiful, my favorite of the series

  6. Lovely typography as Usual! I like this!

  7. i think i have an imposter

  8. i saw one on ebay, is this even possible? i definately think theres gonna be one more too. all the flowers havent bloomed yet

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