New Obama Posters at Upper Playground

Upper Playground is continuing to commission artists to make Barack Obama posters, this time there are new screenprints by Sam Flores and Munk One.  Each print carries a hefty $200 price tag, but they are signed/numbered in editions of only 200 each.  Fore more info, visit

21 Responses to “New Obama Posters at Upper Playground”

  1. there is something about the second one that makes me think of Bill Cosby.

  2. …angry Bill Cosby.

  3. there is something about the first one that makes me think “Steven Hawking”

  4. i HOPE artists stop making Obama posters. i want him to win but this is getting pathetic.

  5. y’all are suckers!!!

  6. this is getting silly now, if anything this puts me off obama

    i would have thought upper playground would have known better

  7. While they did sell out, the Date Farmers print was on there for a long time before they finally went. $200 prints are ridiculous and while I love seeing so many artists get involved, the UP model is not the way to go.

  8. “there is something about the first one that makes me think “Steven Hawking””

    because it looks like he’s gripping the arms of a wheelchair?

  9. assuming you all can read, there’s a reason so many are being produced.
    “n an ongoing effort to secure Democratic hopeful Barack Obama’s presidential bid, The 008 and Upper Playground have collaborated with Sam Flores and Munk One to create two new limited screenprints of each artist’s portrait of Obama. The Sam Flores and Munk One posters are part of an ongoing series of artist collaborations in support of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    The Sam Flores and Munk One limited screenprints are now available for purchase online through Both posters will be signed and numbered by the artists and are made at a limited quantity of 200, with each retailing for $200. Each poster is a pre-sale item and will not ship until April 21, 2008. All proceeds from the sales of each design from Sam Flores and Munk One Obama posters will go directly to creating more campaign T-shirts, posters and stickers by other artists in support of Obama’s bid for President. Currently, the Munk One design is being used in bus shelter and billboard advertisements throughout Philadelphia prior to the primary in Pennsylvania on April 22, 2008.”

  10. I heard there was going to be an exhibit of all the posters being created at the time of the Democratic National Convention? Is that true?

  11. This guy is a joke.

    Obama will damn America.

  12. I’m bored now.

  13. Too late to damn America-Dubbya already done that IMO.

    If raising money for Obamma is your aim, you might want to charge a more reasonable price. I mean, these are like the fifth or sixth Obamma posters that have been produced-the market is saturated and Obamma-mania on the decline.

  14. Please stop posting Obama posters on this blog… Maybe start an, there is no way you can keep up with all these prints otherwise!

  15. Taper, you’re a retard.

  16. I get that they’re using the money to help, but this isn’t the way to do it. Do a run of 350 @ $50, or 4,500 @ $70! Prices people can conceivably pay.

  17. im sorry im not a racist person at all. but im fucking sick of obama.i was a big supporter of him until his racist remarks and him hanging out with that racist preacher. and im also sick of hilary. she lied about being “SHOT AT BY SNIPERS” in BOSNIA .. wow is this country screwed?
    btw im 13 lol

  18. Good that you’re not voting then.

  19. fuck patrick =-)

  20. WOW the posters displayed are now out of circulation.. which makes these prints 5 times more valuable.. suckers!

  21. All of you who complained about the cost of these prints could have made lots of money if you bought them. 200.00 is a steal for these rare prints of history.

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