Obey Barack Obama Change Poster Available

Shepard Fairey’s newest Obama poster is now available for purchase. “Change” is 24″ x 36″, has an edition of 5000, and can be acquired via $70 donation. To purchase, visit BarackObama.com.

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  1. Perfect. i was going to donate $25 this morning anyway! oh thats soo nice.

  2. how do you know it’s a screenprint?

  3. Well, it used to say screenprint on the store page. Now that it’s gone, I’d assume it probably isn’t one.

  4. Is there actually $350,000 worth of people out there to soak these up?

  5. tool, i only bought it because i have the first two obey obama prints. i figured i might as well make it a set.

  6. saw somewhere that it was 4500/5000

  7. Hillary’s going to do a brass rubbing of her face – 289000 copies to be released for $.90

  8. Also heres a point

    Should art and politics meet like this ?

    Is this inviting politics into art.

    I think this is a US concept, or shall I say more readily accepted in the USA.
    In the UK Blair did meet with Gallegher from Oasis and everyone took the piss saying how transparent the affair was and I also read that Gallegher stole an ashtray from the restroom. So thats that – they don’t mix art and music to generate voting anymore.

    Should you use your artistic talent to influence votes ?
    Is the boarder being blurred and becoming middle class – shouldn’t artists and musicians be eccentric and left field ?

    Personally I don’t give a shit but also think you don’t really have extremes anymore in art or rock much – Its sad when a rock band like Oasis start a fight in a German hotel and were beaten up by a bunch of realtors as much as an artist on the campaign trail.

    Thoughts ?

  9. Is Oasis really considered a rock band?

  10. Thats my point – No extremes. You hit the nail on the head.

  11. The whole Fairey-Obama series is reminiscent of the classic Russian agitprop poster art of the early 20th century. Art and politics not meet? Hell, man, art *is* politics!

    Except when posters are the equivalent of oversized baseball cards for over-aged comic book collectors without the scratch to do any real financial “investing”. Then it’s just kinda silly and sad.

    Fairey mixing art and politics? You mean there’s actually gambling going on in this cafe?

  12. Of course art and politics are connected and have been for a long time. I mean hell where do you think Fairey gets half his ideas? He steals them from old political type posters and tries to pass them off as his own.

  13. it’s hard over looking the irony in Fariey’s use of Soviet propaganda aesthetic (originally created to promote ideas of UNITY; NATIONALISM; FASCISM) in order to sell a candidate who’s about diversity, individuality and democracy. it was harmless when they’d pushed vodka with this look, but Obama? gimmeabreak.

  14. Lets not over think this guys. Fairey just wants to use his popularity and voice to endorse a candidate he believes in.
    Lets not over hype him to be something more than a guy who makes posters and clothing for a living.

  15. I think the print is cheap. Looks like he designed it in about 5 mins. Mccain all the way….

    This is K.S.

  16. Alex, you realize the Soviet system wasn’t a fascist system right?

    Probably not, no.

    But it’s the details, you know?

  17. They should have made the Obama logo bigger ;–P

    Seriously though, the “Progress” and “Hope” versions blow this one out of the water. There’s a lot of things that could have made this one better.

    But all that aside, I don’t think the price for these is entirely unfair. I see this as more of a “commitment buy.” Being that it will appeal to the true Obama supporters as opposed to those who invest in Shepard’s prints for a quick return in the resale market.. And the more money the Obama camp can raise, the better. It’s an investment in history.

    These will take longer to appreciate in value, but they will do just that. So all in all, they’re a good investment. You just can’t expect to sell them for ten-times their market value on ebay in a week.

  18. alex, dude, communism and fascism are probably polar opposites

  19. well this is definitely communism

  20. yes thank you for the history lesson. Communism and Fascism are often referred to as the “Totalitarian Twins”. in terms of aesthetics they are almost identical, and that’s what we’re discussing, not the systems, but the propaganda that pushed these ideas. this poster is a striking paradox between form and content however way you turn it.

  21. @Alex Shinehorn, on March 12th, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    “a candidate who’s about diversity, individuality and democracy.”

    y’all are suckers…

  22. If you liked the “hope” posters, check this out:


  23. Sell out.

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