Barack Obama X Mac Poster Available

Upper Playground commissioned another artist, Mac, to produce a Barack Obama poster.  The price is a little more realistic on this one ($50), but it is an offset.  It is 24″ x 36″, and only 200 signed copies will be sold.  Visit

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  1. Why does his face look like he is half human, half zebra?

  2. LOL at all the Fairey copycats coming out! Reaks of cashing in on the hype. Regardless this is clearly not as flattering of a pic of Obama and at 1st glance looks like a funky bootleg.

  3. And you will no doubt see it going for $$$$ on Ebay in a week or so . . . some folsk may even believe they are getting a Fairey 😉

  4. regardless of what it is, i think its 10x better than the obey version it copies.

  5. From

    I was invited recently by some super hip people from the Obama campaign (the same hip people associated with the ObeyGiant Obama poster) to donate my skills & create some art for a poster to be pasted throughout upcoming primary states. I’m a big Obama supporter so I was more than happy to oblige. A limited set of 200 signed & numbered offset prints, produced by the ObeyGiant people, will be available soon from ALL profits from those are going toward producing more hip endorsements like mine. I will also have some prints available for sale myself in another week or so

  6. 43085348520830418340283 times better than the obey it doesnt copy. that linework is beautiful..

  7. I wonder if this will ever be a serigraph…

  8. Sold out. Hopefully I got my order in. El Mac has some really great work out there, no doubt.

  9. By the way, his site is

  10. Very similar to the Obey one, but I like this one much more also.

  11. This guy is an amazing artist.

    I actually like the Shepard Fairey’s version better but I can really appreciate the style he used on this one.

  12. sold out

  13. It really is funny what kind of fervor a few private listing on eBay can cause.

  14. dang that was a quick sellout yo………..the best one is the other upper playground joint tho, ya know the FIFTY24SF that omg turned you on to like whenever it came out….but 200 buck…gah

  15. there are some pics on EB of mac inking this by hand, amazing

  16. I love when people say artists bite off of Shepard Fairey’s images. Too funny. He’s soooooo original with his iconic images put into red’s and oranges.

  17. gotta say, all these obama prints are starting to annoy me a little bit, smells a little bit of cash in to me

    it is well executed though

  18. I agree that Shepards the ultimate biter. But that’s kind of his steez. I mean , he admits it. It’s no secret that he uses portraits, photographs and other art and does his vector thing to them.
    I wasn’t saying he was biting Sheps style, rather simply cashing in on the Obama print craze.
    I don’t know which came first but someone could have stepped it up with a different layout.

  19. It Does say the this print was produced by the obey giant people!! i dont think he was trying to rip anyone off if he is working with them.

  20. Wow.. Haters down below. How sad. I doubt there really is any “CASHING IN” going on off of this run of prints. Especially considering that Mac has been rendering photorealistic images in his work way before there had been any affiliation with the Fairey prints.

    Eat a dick.

  21. This poster was commissioned by the same guy (Yossi Sergant) who commissioned the Shepard Fairey poster. It is not an attempt to “cash in” by the artist.

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