Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s The Pogues Poster

Here is a first look at Daniel Danger’s second poster for a show on The Pogues’ current tour. As with the other one, these will be available at Flatstock, then online afterward if any are left. Stay tuned here for more first looks in the future, accept no imitators.

Click for bigger view:

8 Responses to “Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s The Pogues Poster”

  1. Wow…this is a stunner. I love how he makes these gig posters not really look like gig posters. Pinback is similar in that aspect.

  2. Exactly. Love the subtleness.

  3. I think I like this one better than the first one.. Or maybe not.. or maybe I do.. Great poster!!

  4. Wow 2 dd posters in a row without stick ghosts. Something is fishy here. This is kinda cool.

  5. love the small girl in there. really cool how she just blends in.

  6. A real beauty! Wish i was gonna be at Flatstock!

  7. Does anyone know if he ran out of blue paint?

  8. Is there any way for me to buy that poster?

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